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May 2008 Volume LVI

Posted: 05/20/08
Coffee Buzz - May 2008 Volume LVI
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Product Spotlight: Organic, Green and Delicious

Enter the Latte Art Contest by June 6th for your chance to win - 1st prize: Dalla Corte Mini - 2nd prize: Gaggia Baby Twin - click here for rules and how to enter
Factoid: Coffee Olympics

Rolling out the Red Carpet in China is becoming old hat for the good people of Beijing. Recently, Beijing played host to the 6th Annual China Barista Championship. Baristas from all across China, including the Chengdu, Shamghai and Guangzhou regions competed at the New International Expo Center...
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Product Spotlight: Organic, Green and Delicious

Organic, Green and DeliciousBy Nicole Jones -

People say we're passionate about coffee, but we're passionate about a lot of things here at Whole Latte Love™ which is why we are so excited to announce the launch of our Organic, Green and Delicious™ program! This program embraces what we all hope to achieve – doing business in a way that respects the planet. The Organic, Green and Delicious™ program highlights our commitment to sustainable products and the business practices that we choose to follow.

When it was time to search out products that honor those three words – Organic, Green and Delicious™ we decided to take things into our own hands. Lead by example right? We set out to source the best coffee, syrups, cups, food containers, utensils and packaging on the market, and are proud to introduce to you, and your customers, a full line of Fair Trade, Organic, and Biodegradable products – aptly named Organic, Green and Delicious.™

The Organic, Green and Delicious™ program is the best solution out there for you and your company if you're seeking to provide an eco-friendly path from bean to cup.

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"Why Green? Because it's better for the environment. Our biodegradable bags will completely decompose in less than five years, compared to other plastic coffee bags, which take more than 1,000 years to break down."

Product Spotlight: Gaggia Baby Twin

By Nicole Jones -
Gaggia Baby Twin

For months everyone around the office anticipated the arrival, the blessed event as a lot of us called it, of the Gaggia Baby Twin. When the Baby Twin finally touched down in our warehouse it instantly became one of our best sellers, and that's why we're eager to give coffee lovers the opportunity to own it via our Latte Art Contest. That being the case, we thought a product spotlight was in order to let you know what in fact, you've got the opportunity to own.

I hoped the Baby Twin would be as nice, if not better looking than the high-res pictures we'd been seeing around the office. The Baby Twin boasted loads of stainless steel, so I was expecting a lot from this moderately priced machine. When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn't overdone, the Twin would look great in virtually any kitchen.

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"The Twin produced a thick golden crema and the aroma coming from the shot was too good to ruin with milk – so I drank it, and of course brewed a second. That was just as good. Strong, yet not overpowering, which in the coffee world, is a beautiful thing."

The Boiler: What's Under the Hood

Expobar Boiler By Nicole Jones -

When you're talking espresso machines, there are a few things that usually come up in casual conversation – style, capability, super, semi or lever. Rarely does the boiler come into play. But if and when it does, you should know what you've got under the hood.

Lucky enough to own an Expobar Brewtus II? It's one of the best semi-automatic machines on the market, certainly one of the most durable. That's because of its commercial design, with double or dual boilers as they're called. A double or dual boiler system has its own dedicated 975-watt heating unit, which makes it possible for the boiler to run at a precise temperature. This type of boiler system guarantees a consistent temperature, providing you with unwavering temperature stability.

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"While this pro-sumer machine was built to commercial standards, the engineers at Expobar did take into account the standard 15-amp household breaker, so you'll never blow a fuse."

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