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June 2008 Volume LVII

Posted: 06/20/08
Coffee Buzz - June 2008 Volume LVII
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 Product Spotlight: Handpresso
Fighting Skin Cancer With Coffee

Looking to fight the sun's dangerous rays this summer? Then stock up on suntan lotion and coffee, because the National Academy of Sciences recently reported the combination of suntan lotion and caffeine can reduce cancerous tumors by half.

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Latte Art Contest III: Vote Now!

In case you haven't heard the buzz, all of the Latte Art Contest entries are in, and online voting is in full swing. You've only got a few more days to vote for your favorite, whether it's creativity or talent that you like, make sure to cast your vote. The Grand Prize winner will receive a Dalla Corte Mini, while the runner up will receive a Gaggia Baby Twin.

And if you've missed the deadline to enter this year's contest, but are still interested in how to free-pour latte art, check out some tips from our former winners, as well as advice from other aspiring latte artists. Remember, with a steady regimen of practice, you'll be pouring latte art in no time and will be ready to enter our contest next spring.

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2007 Contest Winners
12 Steps to Latte Art

Factoid: Organic, Green and Delicious Market Grows

Organic coffee is hotter than ever according to the Sustainable Markets Intelligence Center and the Organic Trade Association. This news comes as no surprise to many Americans, who, according to reports, consumed more than 65 million pounds of organic coffee last year....

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Product Spotlight: Handpresso Wild: Ideal For Your Walk in the Woods

HandpressoBy Nicole Jones -

Into the outdoors? Into espresso? If you answered yes, then this hand-held espresso machine was made for you. Handpresso Wild provides great tasting espresso when size and portability are an issue. Its lightweight, slim design makes it ideal if you're packing for a 21-mile hike or a 2,100-mile hike. Just ask a hiker what they're looking for when they're packing, and they'll answer – lightweight, durable products that'll stand up to whatever the trail has in store.

And I'm not just saying all this, I tried Handpresso Wild out for myself the other night, and it was as practical as advertised – and it made pretty good espresso.

When you take hold of the Handpresso Wild, you'll immediately feel at ease with its design. It's very similar to a small air pump you'd use to put air in your bike tires (and similar technology as well).

Once you pump Handpresso Wild to 16 bars of pressure, fill the chamber with boiling water. Pop in an ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) approved pod, turn the cap into the locked position and depress the thumb button. Espresso will pour out of the bottom of Handpresso Wild.

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"...I mastered the process and pumped to perfection a little demitasse of steamy hot, fresh brewed espresso."

Luxurious Living During A Cash Crunch

By Nicole Jones -
Saeco Incanto Rapid Steam SBS

Feeling the cash crunch these days? Well you're not alone. Whether you realize it or not, people everywhere are pinching their pennies, and searching for ways to stretch a dollar. If you've started to rethink your spending habits, take a closer look at how much you spend at your local coffee shop.

Let's practice our fuzzy math:

If you buy two venti mochas at $4.75 a pop, that comes out to $66.50 a week! Add that up over the course of a year and you're spending over $3,400 a year on your take-out coffee! Not to mention the time and gas you'll spend going to and from the coffee shop.

With the right tools, you can have all of life's luxuries in the convenience of your own home. Investing in a quality refurbished espresso machine, where you can be your own barista is a resourceful way to combat today's financial woes.

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"This heavy-duty machinery and sleek design have made the Rancilio Silvia one of the most popular at-home espresso machines on the market today. And at this price, you'll be brewing like a true barista at a reasonable price."

Indonesia: Fighting Mother Nature

By Nicole Jones - Indonesian Coffee Farmer

Southeast Asia and the islands throughout Indonesia have been in the news a lot these days. Whether it's an earthquake, tsunami, cyclone or flood, Sumatra and dozens of other coffee producing countries in the Indian Ocean are making headlines.

Last month Sumatra had two quakes that rocked the region – the first measuring 5.7, the later measuring 5.9 on the Richter Scale. This isn't the first or the last earthquake Sumatra has felt since the December 26, 2004 earthquake that triggered the historic tsunami that killed more than 230,000 people. Since then, more than 20 earthquakes have been logged by the USGS. And while there aren't significant reports of damage according to geologists, some of the coffee farmers in the region are fearful that the tsunami of 2004 may repeat itself.

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"People nowadays are definitely more conscientious. We hope they understand where their money is going – helping build sustainable communities"

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