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February 2009 Volume LXII

Posted: 02/27/09

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Coffee Buzz - Be Stimulated! - February 2009, Volume LXII
In This Issue
1 Product Spotlight: Gaggia Platinum Line
2 The History and Transformation of the Coffee Bean
3 From Used Coffee Grounds to Diesel Fuel
4 Do You Know Beans About Coffee?
5 Whole Latte Love Blog: I Am A Rock, I Am A Milk Island!
6 Gaggia and Coffee Sale
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Do You Know Beans About Coffee?

Did you know that coffee beans are not actually beans, but cherry seeds from coffee trees? Coffee trees grow in subtropical climates from sea level to around 6000 feet. Because the cherries of the coffee trees ripen at different times, they must be hand picked. There are about 4000 coffee beans or 2000 cherries per pound of coffee (there are two beans per cherry), and the average coffee tree yields only about 2 pounds of roasted coffee per year. There are only two varieties of coffee beans: Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora.

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Whole Latte Love Blog: I Am A Rock, I Am A Milk Island!

By Sarah

If you are like me, you are impatient, crabby, and bleary eyed in the morning. Not a good combination if you are about to approach a machine that can billow steam out at you! Thankfully, Gaggia and Saeco have come up with an answer to my early morning prayers…the Milk Island! Here’s how to use it:

1. Add milk
2. Secure to the Milk Island base
3. Turn the steam knob to the Milk Island icon
4. Pour the milk into your cup and enjoy!

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Gaggia And Coffee Sale
Gaggia Sale Event - Save Up To 50% On Select Gaggia Machines
Brewtacular Coffee Sale - Up To 45% Off Select Coffees
Product Spotlight: Gaggia Platinum Line - A Style For Everyone
Gaggia Platinum Series: Platinum Vision, Platinum Swing Up, Platinum Swing, Platinum Vogue

There are few things I like more than a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. I like the aroma in the air before the cup is even in my hand and I like knowing the coffee I'm about to enjoy is made exactly how I want it. Honestly, there really isn't anything else I can think about at that time of the day.

Well, there is one thing, and that's my espresso machine. My Gaggia Platinum Swing Up is like having my own barista ready and waiting for me at a moment's notice, whether to brew a shot for a quick pick-me-up or my favorite – a double cappuccino with extra foam. All right, I'll admit it sounds a bit cliché, spending my nights dreaming of that first moment with my espresso machine in the morning, but once you've experienced one of the Gaggia Platinum machines, you'll understand.

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The History and Transformation of the Coffee Bean

Coffee and historyEver wonder how coffee came to be? How someone figured out how to take a bean, smash it up and run boiled, steeped or pressurized water through it? Whose idea was it to grind, tamp, drip, steam, froth and foam? Who even discovered the coffee bean to begin with? There are a few folklores and romantic tales as to exactly how it was discovered and how coffee came to be. But it is believed the coffee tree originated in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa.

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From Used Coffee Grounds To Diesel Fuel:

Filling gas tankAre recycled coffee grounds our future? Scientists say that the oil in used coffee grounds can be extracted to produce biodiesel. Not only would this help in producing fuel, but it would also help our environment! This innovative process would help eliminate waste from our landfills, provide a healthier fuel for our cars therefore reducing air pollution. It would also conserve some of our food crops in the United States. Biodiesel is primarily made from soybeans, canola oils and animal fats, and from palm oil, sunflowers and sugar cane in developing countries.

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