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March 2011 Volume LXXXIII

Posted: 03/18/11
Whole Latte Love Coffee Buzz - March Edition - Volume 83 - Contact us at 888-411-5282
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story 1 Legend of the Irish Coffee
story 1 Product Spotlight: A Semi-Automatic
Machine for Every Price Range
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Coffee Spotlight:
Caffe D'arte

story 1 Coffee Factoids:
California-Grown Coffee
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Video Blog:
Introducing Caffe D'arte Coffee

story 1 Recipe:
Chocolate Stout Latte
story 1 Expert Answers:
Frothing with the Gaggia Baby Class
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Coffee Factoids: California-Grown Coffee

The nation's 31st state is definitely one of a kind; it's not unusual to drive down the freeway and see the Pacific Ocean on one side and lush hills on the other. Due to its unique terrain and Mediterranean climate, California is home to not only the famous orange groves but also a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables not commonly grown in the rest of the continental US, such as lychee, logan, and avocado. Now, some California farmers are starting to try their hands at growing coffee.

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Video Blog - Introducing Caffe D'arte Coffee

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Eric and Zack are back to give you a live-action look at the brand-new Caffe D'arte Whole Bean Espresso Sampler. They'll give you the full flavor profile and regional influence of each espresso as well as discuss Caffe D'arte's background and accomplishments. If the Caffe D'arte brand is new to you, don't miss this video!

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Recipe: Chocolate Stout Latte

If you're tired of the same old drinks, break out of the rut with a creative latte. This month's recipe is perfect for the adventurous latte lovers out there.

- 3 shots of espresso
- 6 oz of milk
- ½ oz of Monin Dark Chocolate Syrup
- ½ oz of Monin Caramel Syrup
- ¼ oz of Monin Hazelnut Syrup
- Ice

In a tall 16oz glass, combine the espresso, syrup and milk. Stir the contents and add ice. Garnish with whipped cream, if desired, and enjoy!

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Expert Answers: Frothing with the Gaggia Baby Class

Q: My Gaggia Baby Class brews fine. However, when steaming, I run out of steam within 25 seconds. I descale every 4-6 weeks. What gives?

A: This may be more of a technique then a machine issue. You need to make sure you are at steam temperature. Try letting the machine get to steam temp; then, open up steam wand and let it run for about 5 seconds. After that give it about 15-20 seconds and start steaming your milk. You may notice periods where the steaming slows down; just let it keep going. You will hear a slight clicking noise and that is the boiler working to create more steam. Try this method and let us know how it works!

Legend of the Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee

St. Patrick's Day is here; may the luck...and drinks, of the Irish be with you. Given the current festivities, now is as good a time as any to take a look at the history of one of the most (in)famous, drinks in the world—the Irish Coffee.

In true Celtic fashion, think Leprechauns and pots of gold, the origins of the Irish Coffee begins with a local folklore...Legend has it that the drink was invented in a cafe at the now-defunct Foynes Airport. In 1943, on a particularly nasty winter evening, a flight bound for Botwood, Newfoundland made the critical decision to return to Foynes after several hours in the air. Consider that 1943 was during WWII and commercial air travel was really in its infancy, catering to well-heeled men and women interested in "flying-boat" voyages. The circumstances of the diverted flight were trying at best and left passengers a little bit more than peeved.

Upon making the decision to head back to Foynes, the captain reportedly sent a Morse-code message to the control tower, alerting ground operations personnel of the impending return. At the terminal, preparations were made to welcome back the crew and passengers.

Head chef Joe Sheridan of the airport restaurant was hastily asked to make something to warm the passengers and lift their spirits....

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Product Spotlight: A Semi-Automatic Machine for Every Price Range
Gaggia Classic

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes extended daylight hours. If you've been cooped up all winter, now is the time to take advantage of the longer days. To make sure you get the most of your spring days, we're back with our picks of solid espresso machines sure to give you perfect pick-me-up brews. Best of all, there's a machine for every budget!

Economy Machine
One of our newest semi-automatic machines, the Capresso EC100, proves that you can make good espresso and cappuccino without breaking the bank. This Espresso and Cappuccino Machine comes in under $150, yet does not scrimp on the features and benefits.

Mid-Range Machine
Our mid-range machine spotlight is a true classic. The Gaggia Classic is one of our most popular semi-automatic espresso machines. Costing just under $400, the Gaggia Classic gives you, arguably, the best value for your money. Though it is designed for home use, the Classic has a slew of high-end features including a commercial-grade brew group and chrome-plated brass portafilter as well as dual heating elements and a three-way solenoid valve. These features help to create a very impressive brewing experience.

High-End Machine
If you're looking to duplicate café quality results at home, the Expobar Brewtus IV may be the perfect machine for you. This prosumer espresso machine is a brewing and frothing marvel. Engineered for complete temperature stability, the Brewtus IV has dual copper boilers backed by 1250-watt heating elements....

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Coffee Spotlight: Caffe D'arte
Caffe D'arte CoffeesCaffe D'arte has its headquarters in Seattle, the epicenter of the American espresso movement. A hidden gem of sorts, not always immediately recognizable to outsiders, Caffe D'arte, nonetheless, has a devoted following. If you haven't heard of this artisan roaster, consider this your official introduction.

Humble Beginnings
Like so many businesses, Caffe D'arte had a humble beginning. When Founder Mauro Cipolla and his family immigrated to Seattle in the 1970s, they found themselves cut off, disconnected from the Italian lifestyle and customs they had taken for granted. In the modern American metropolis, their former lives became a distant memory.

Classic Italian Espresso in Seattle
Fueled by a relentless devotion to quality coffee and espresso, Caffe D'arte has since become a fixture on the Seattle coffee scene. The company's flagship cafes consistently earn high marks for their noteworthy beverages and highly trained baristas. Caffe D'arte's reputation for impeccable brews was further boosted by the results of the N.W. Coffee Tasting competition, where its blends won 5 out of 12 awards. After the unprecedented results of the blind tasting event, Caffe D'arte's Vice President Mauro Cipolla was asked by promoters to step out of the competition and act as a judge instead.

What's so special about Caffe D'arte coffee and espresso that has its competitors running scared?...

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