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April 2011 Volume LXXXIV

Posted: 04/18/11
Whole Latte Love Coffee Buzz - April Edition - Volume 84 - Contact us at 888-411-5282
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story 1 Product Spotlight: A Super Automatic
Machine for Every Price Range
story 1 Coffee Spotlight:
Antica Tostatura Triestina
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DYI Roast:
The Basics of Roasting Coffee

story 1 Coffee Factoids:
Love Coffee? It Might Be In Your DNA!
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Video Blog:
Gaggia Accademia Unboxing and Intro

story 1 Recipe:
Trail Mix Latte
story 1 Expert Answers: Adjusting Brew
Temperature For A Super Automatic
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Coffee Factoids: California-Grown Coffee

It may not be lack of sleep or sheer habit that has you reaching for that cup of Joe. According to a new study published by PLoS Genetics, the love of coffee may just be in your DNA. After studying more than 47,000 subjects, researchers have found that those who carry a particular version of the CYP1A2 and AHR genes were more likely to be avid coffee drinkers. The CYP1A2 gene is responsible for metabolizing of caffeine and it is regulated by the AHR gene.

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Video Blog - Gaggia Accademia: Unboxing and Introduction

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If you’re interested in the Gaggia Accademia, our featured high-end super automatic espresso machine, don’t miss this video. Our Whole Latte Love experts will give you an in-depth overview of the Accademia and show you how to make great beverages using its advanced capabilities.

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Recipe: Chocolate Stout Latte

April 22 is Earth Day. Celebrate with a specialty latte inspired by Mother Nature.

- 2 shots of espresso
- ½ oz of Monin Dark Chocolate Syrup
- ½ oz of Monin Hazelnut Syrup
- ½ oz of Monin Raspberry Syrup
- Steamed milk

Pull a double shot of espresso. Steam the desired amount of milk. Combine the steamed milk, syrups and espresso into a large cup; stir. Garnish with chocolate shavings and peanuts as desired. Enjoy!

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Expert Answers: Adjusting Brew Temperature for a Super Automatic

Q: I have a super automatic espresso machine. How do I make a hotter cup of coffee?

A: You can increase the temperature of your drink anywhere from 10-20 degrees by adjusting the machine’s temperature settings and ensuring that all of your brewing components are preheated properly:

1. If your machine has adjustable temperature, enter into the machine’s menu mode and choose the temperature setting you want.

2. While in menu mode, verify that the rinse mode is turned on. The rinse feature runs a quick dose of hot water through the brew spout upon startup. This helps to warm up the internal components of the machine and rinses away any coffee build-up that might alter the taste of your espresso.

3. Run water through your hot water spout and into your cup. This accomplishes two things, it helps to preheat the internal components and it heats the cup as well.

Product Spotlight: A Super Automatic Machine For Every Price Range
Gaggia Accademia

In last month's article, we took a look at a few standout semi-automatic machines for every price range. This time around, we're exploring super-automatic espresso for every budget. If you're in the market for a new machine, take a moment to check out our top picks below.

Economy Machine
The Saeco Vienna Plus, available in silver and graphite, is one of our most popular starter machines. While the Vienna Plus may not have all the bells and whistles found on higher-end machines, it is a solid super automatic suitable for daily use. Ideal for the value-conscious espresso lover, this machine is easy to use and maintain.

Surprisingly accommodating, the Vienna Plus can be programmed to brew 1-8 ounces of espresso. This model also features Saeco's famous OptiDose system to let you adjust the amount of beans ground per cup to customize the flavor and strength of your beverage. For full-flavored drinks, the Saeco Vienna Plus comes with a pre-infusion cycle that saturates grounds prior to brewing.

Don't let its price tag fool you; this machine has been outfitted with quality parts and features. Beneath the hood is a stainless-steel lined Thermoblock boiler, capable of quick and efficient operation. To the right of the control panel, you'll find an integrated conical burr grinder with 18 grind settings. A Pannarello wand makes for easy steaming and frothing; it can also dispense hot water for tea or an Americano. When it's time to clean your machine, the brew group pops right out. Just rinse it under a faucet, put it back in place and you're good to go....

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and High-End Machines

Coffee Spotlight: Antica Tostatura Triestina
Antica Coffee

It's not easy for a roaster to distinguish itself nowadays. The market is pretty well saturated with the good, the bad, and the down-right ugly. Rising to the top of the ranks requires dedication, precision and, most of all, an utterly remarkable end product. Antica Coffee and Espresso delivers on all accounts...And, the world is taking notice.

Coffee to the Stars
Antica Tostatura Triestina blends are served in more than 26 countries worldwide. Its coffee and espresso grace the menus of restaurants operated by famous chefs and tastemakers Todd English, David Bouley, Mario Batali and Terrance Brennan, among others. Antica Tostatura Triestina is also the only espresso brand to be used exclusively on the set of The Martha Stewart Show. In fact, the brand counts Martha Stewart, herself, among its most ardent supporters. The domestic mogul personally drinks Antica espresso everyday and touts it as a "must-have" coffee. So, what is it about Antica Tostatura Triestina that has everyone buzzing?

Old Roast of Trieste
While most roasters operate with the notion that time is money and seek to expedite the production process, Antica Tostatura Triestina, loosely translated as "Old Roast of Trieste," bucks the trend. The company insists that "it takes time to get coffee just right." Since its founding in the late 19th century, Antica coffee and espresso have been roasted exclusively in Trieste, Italy—dubbed the "espresso coffee capital of the world."...

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DYI Roast: The Basics of Roasting Coffee
Roasting CoffeeMost espresso lovers are open to experimenting with different blends, various grinds, tamp pressure and more in pursuit of the perfect beverage. But, few are actually brave enough to attempt roasting a custom coffee at home.

Unlike brewing, frothing, tamping and grinding techniques, much of the roasting process is shrouded in secrecy. As a chef may guard a prized recipe, many roasters consider their particular roasting method a trade secret. The knowledge used to transform a green bean into premium coffee is often guarded under lock and key. That's not to say you're doomed to be shut out of the roasting world. If you want to try your hand at creating a custom coffee, keep in mind that the roasting process is rooted in hard science. Understanding a few key concepts and exercising a little patience can get you well on your way to being a home roaster....

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