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May 2011 Volume LXXXV

Posted: 05/18/11
Whole Latte Love Coffee Buzz - May Edition - Volume 85 - Contact us at 888-411-5282
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story 1 Product Spotlight: Sense and Cents -
Refurbished Espresso Machines
story 1 Coffee Spotlight: Drip Coffee
story 1

Espresso Machines Gone Wild

story 1 Coffee Factoids: Coffee and Chick Pea
Blends - Cuba's Cost Cutting Measures
story 1

Video Blog: The Difference Between
Drip & Espresso Coffee

story 1 Recipe: Caribbean Frappe
story 1 Expert Answers: Super-Automatic
Machine vs Flavored Beans
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Coffee Factoids: Coffee and Chick Pea Blends - Cuba's Cost Cutting Measures

As coffee futures continue to rise and production becomes threatened by adverse weather, Cuba is taking new measures to meet consumer demand. Roasted chick peas are making their way into Cuban coffee, as the country braces to deal with escalating costs, which have already more than doubled since last year.

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Video Blog - The Difference Between Drip and Espresso Coffee

Watch The Video

Zack is back to give you a quick overview of the differences between an espresso machine and drip coffee maker. In this video, you’ll get a side-by-side comparison of the type of coffee grind required by each brewing method as well as some handy tips on how to get the best results out of each machine.

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Recipe: Caribbean Frappe

In honor of the recently released Pirates of the Caribbean movie, this month's recipe is an island favorite. Gather your friends and enjoy a few Carribean Frappes this summer!

- 70ml of milk
- single shot of espresso
- 20ml of Monin Vanilla Syrup
- 10ml of Monin Caribbean Rum Syrup

Pour the ingredients into a blender and add ice. Blend until you get a smooth consistency. Pour into a glass and serve.

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Expert Answers: Super Automatic Machine vs Flavored Beans

Q: I have recently purchased a Gaggia Accademia from Whole Latte Love. My wife loves flavored beans such as vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, etc. Is it safe to use these flavored beans in my new machine?

A: You should not use flavored beans in your Gaggia Accademia because the flavoring that coats the beans could cause a clog to form in the grinder. Try adding flavored syrup to your drink instead.

Product Spotlight: Sense and Cents - Refurbished Espresso Machines
Gaggia Titanium

Most of us have heard that a new car can lose up to 10% of its retail value the minute you drive it off the lot. Though the new-car smell and the allure of being the automobile's first owner does come with its own perks and advantages, increasingly value-conscious customers are flocking the used car lot in record numbers. Pre-owned shopping habits are trickling down to everything from electronics to clothing.

Here, at Whole Latte Love, we're noticing a lot of interest in refurbished machines. Just like buying a pre-owned vehicle, the decision to purchase an outlet or refurbished item comes with its own set of considerations. But, shop well and you'll reap the rewards of getting a great machine and saving much more than a couple of cents.

Birth of a Refurb
Every new espresso machine available through is backed by a hassle-free 30-day return policy. Within the first month of ownership, customers can return machines for any number of reasons, as detailed in our policies. We've had people change their minds about the type of machine they want or unpack the unit only to find it does not fit a predetermined space. One gentleman sent back a Gaggia super-automatic espresso machine because it was "too small" for his yacht! We never leave a good machine behind. When a customer returns a next-to-new machine, it is always welcomed back with open arms; thus, refurbs are born....

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Coffee Spotlight: Drip Coffee

While exploring our site, you may notice that we've broken our coffee selection down to two main categories: espresso and drip coffee. To an outsider, the difference between drip and espresso coffee is dubious, at best. Most people simply accept that grind fineness determines if a coffee is destined for the espresso machine or coffee maker. While the grind is a major contributing factor, it is not the only determining factor.

If you're talking about whole bean, any combination therein can be ground for drip coffee. However, not all coffees are suitable for espresso. Espresso usually requires a blend, consisting of three or more origins, since the hallmark of a good shot is rich crema—which can only be achieved under the right conditions. That's not to say drip coffee doesn't have its distinguishing traits.

Many roasters will designate certain coffees for drip, as opposed to espresso. Without the need to deliver crema, there's a little bit more leeway to play with when creating drip coffee. For instance, you may find a nice bouquet of flavors and aroma in drip coffee that's not otherwise available in espresso. Caffe D'arte Meaning of Life and Gourmet Drip Whole Bean (available in medium and dark roasts as well as decaf) are prime examples of exclusive drip coffee blends. The roaster has taken into account the slower brewing process and lower temperature used to create drip coffee and altered the composition of the blend to suit....

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Espresso Machines Gone Wild

Espresso Machine inspired by scootersHere's your chance to catch up on the latest lineup of unique, strange and utterly unbelievable espresso machines. While I can't speak for their brewing and frothing capabilities, these machines will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Earthy Espresso
While most espresso machines are made of ABS plastic or stainless steel, the Linje espresso maker prototype features a wooden frame. Created by three Norwegian design students, this earthy espresso machine is said to represent a "Nordic approach to coffee." The Linje is made of 1.5cm thick planks of Populus wood—which includes poplar, aspen and cottonwood species—layered together to create the machine's shape.

Four-Legged Espresso
Israeli Designer Dror Goldblum's concept Nespresso machine may have taken a few cues from man's best friend. Standing on all fours, this espresso maker has a cylinder-shaped body that houses a water reservoir and accommodates single-serve capsules. Dubbed the "Espresso on Four Legs," this machine has a minimalist design that is also evident in its controls. There are only two buttons to choose from, one for a single and the other for double espresso....

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