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June 2011 Volume LXXXVI

Posted: 06/18/11
Whole Latte Love Coffee Buzz - June Edition - Volume 86 - Contact us at 888-411-5282
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story 1 Product Spotlight: The Small,
But Mighty Nespresso Pixie
story 1 Coffee Spotlight: New K-Cups
story 1 Health Report: Coffee May Be
Beneficial To Hepatitis Patients
story 1 Coffee Factoids: Japanese Company
Turns To Coffee as Source of
Renewable Energy
story 1 Video Blog:
Nespresso Pixie - Now Playing!
story 1 Recipe: Layered Latte
story 1 Expert Answers:
Lavazza Espresso Point Machine
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Coffee Factoids: Japanese Company Turns To Coffee as Source of Renewable Energy

Mere months after one of the world's largest natural catastrophes, Japan is slowly, but surely, rebuilding. The energy sector, one of the areas most affected by the quake, is turning to coffee to create biomass fuel. The Kashima Steel Works plant, operated by Sumitorno Metal Industries, projects that it will purchase and cycle through 12,000 tons of coffee grounds this year.

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Video Blog: Nespresso Pixie - Now Playing!

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Get an in-depth look at the new Nespresso Pixie. Zack will walk you through a complete overview of the features and benefits associated with this compact single-serve espresso machine. He'll also brew a quick shot to give you an idea of the drink quality you can expect from the Pixie.

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Recipe Of The Month: Layered Latte

A layered latte is a great way to enjoy a sweet, milk-based espresso drink. It is recognizable by three clearly defined layers within the drink, created by syrup, milk and espresso. Try the recipe below; you can also watch our Layered Latte Video to see how the drink is made.

- 4 oz of milk
- 2 oz of espresso
- 2 oz of Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce

Extract 2 ounces of fresh espresso. Steam the milk, taking care to create a thick layer of foam. Pour the chocolate sauce into a tall glass. Spoon the foam portion of your milk into the cup. Carefully pour the rest milk into the cup, on top of the foamed milk. Try not to disturb the chocolate sauce as you pour your milk. Add the espresso. Your latte should now have three distinct layers. Enjoy!

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Expert Answers: Lavazza Espresso Point Machine

Q: I bought a refurbished Lavazza Espresso Point Machine about 12 months ago. I use the shortest level on the espresso button for my coffee. It used to fill the coffee cup half way and was just perfect. Now it fills the cup almost all the way and the espresso is watery. Is there any way I can adjust the amount of water that comes out? I use the brown Espresso Point cartridges—like I always did.

A: With the Lavazza Espresso Point, you can brew manually or use the pre-set coffee buttons. On the far right of the Point's control panel, there are 3 buttons for large, medium, and small coffees. To the left of the small coffee button is the manual dispensing button. When you select a button, the green light next to it will illuminate. If you want to stop the flow of water at any point during pre-set or manual brewing, just press the stop button on the left of the control panel.

Product Spotlight: The Small, But Mighty Nespresso Pixie
Nespresso Pixie

It wasn't pixie dust, but ingenuity and technological know-how that brought one of the world's smallest single-serve machines to our doorstep. The itty-bitty Nespresso Pixie is about eight capsules tall and as wide as the length of the average spoon. At only 6.5 pounds, the Pixie weighs less than most newborns. Think of it as the Thumbelina of the espresso world. The Pixie can fit in almost any nook and cranny; you can park it at home or your cubicle and kiss burnt office coffee goodbye. It's even available in 6 vibrant colors to suit your personal preferences and décor.

Lest you think otherwise, the Pixie doesn't just rest of its good-looking, space-saving laurels. Equipped with a thermoblock boiler that could, this single-serve espresso machine posts record-breaking warm-up times. On average, it takes the Pixie only 25 seconds to go from a cold start to ideal brewing temp. This means you can turn the machine on and prepare a fresh beverage in less than 60 seconds. You'll be able to brew a great shot and make it to the next department meeting with plenty of time to spare.

The Capsules
The single-serve Pixie uses proprietary Nespresso capsules to prepare your drinks. This is something worth keeping in mind, if you're interested in purchasing not just the Pixie but any Nespresso single-serve machine. Nespresso capsules are available exclusively through the Nespresso Club and are not sold through Whole Latte Love or any other retailer. There are 16 Grand Cru capsules to choose from, ranging from ristretto to espresso, regular, decaf and café lungo varieties. Ground coffee is sealed within the aluminum-coated capsules to protect against air and light exposure and guard against oxidation, flavor and aroma loss. By any standard, the Nespresso capsules and brewing system are some of the best in the industry....

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Coffee Spotlight: New K-Cups Have Arrived!
New Keurig K-Cups

It's summertime and the living's easy, shouldn't your coffee be simple too? Simplicity is the name of the game with Keurig and we're happy to introduce some new K-Cups this season to keep you caffeinated with minimal hassle. These K-Cups are compatible with all Keurig machines, the Breville BKC700XL as well as the Cuisinart SS-700.

Fans of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, whose restaurants, shows and cookbooks have been American staples since the 80s, can now enjoy his original coffee creations at home. Keurig has partnered with Puck to offer two memorable K-Cups, Breakfast in Bed and Jamaica Me Crazy. For a traditional cup of Joe that's anything but ordinary, try Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed. This medium-roast, single-serve coffee is well balanced and smooth, making it perfect for those laid-back summer days. If you're dreaming of a tropical getaway, on the other hand, Jamaica Me Crazy may the perfect ticket. This flavored coffee puts an island twist on regular java. It is distinguished by a remarkable coconut flavor and pleasing aromas.

Not to be outdone, Timothy's and Gloria Jean's Coffees have flavored K-Cups of their own. The first is the exotic Timothy's Kahlua Orginal K-Cups. This light-roast Arabica coffee sets itself apart with enticing flavors of rum, caramel and vanilla. Timothy's Kahlua K-Cups are great for late afternoon drinks or entertaining guests, as the flavors beg to be savored. For more conventional fare, try Gloria Jean's Cappuccino Coffee K-Cups. This is a creamy, medium-roast flavored coffee with cinnamon-y undertones. It has a well-rounded body and balanced acidity. The Kahlua and Cappuccino K-Cups are both certified Kosher....

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Health Report: Coffee May Be Beneficial To Hepatitis Patients

Cup on the beachA new study, published in the American Gastroenterological Association Institute's official journal, holds some hope for Hepatitis C patients suffering from chronic liver disease. According to researchers, drinking three or more cups of coffee a day can help lower liver enzyme levels and slow the development of chronic liver disease and liver cancer.

Coffee consumption seemed to help patients better respond to Hepatitis C treatment. Non-coffee drinkers had a 46% early response rate to treatment, compared a whopping 73% response rate among those who routinely drank three or more cups of coffee a day. This is the first major study to analyze coffee and its relationship to Hepatitis C treatment. While encouraged, researchers stress that additional studies are needed before concrete conclusions may be drawn. 

It is estimated that 270-300 million people are infected with Hepatitis C, worldwide. This study included over 880 patients and was conducted by Neal Freedman, PhD, MPH of the National Cancer Institute.

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