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June 2004 Volume XVI

Posted: 04/24/06
June 2004 Volume XVI
Porsche Spotlight!
French Press: A Deeper Look.
T-Shirt Contest Update.

The T Shirt Contest entry period is officially over. Thank you for the tremendous entries; it’s going to be a tight race! Our staff is currently reviewing and compiling the submissions, and we will have them posted shortly for all to see. Keep an eye on our site for updates!

Did you see us?
Whole Latte Love was recently reviewed by Five Star Reviews and appears in their June Issue. To be given the Five Star approval rating, Whole Latte Love had to meet FSR’s criteria of excellence in
Presentation, Purpose, Performance,
Pleasure, and Poise.

Set your DVR’s! On the August 30th episode of The Food Network’s new series "What’s Hot!", Whole Latte Love’s own experts will be appearing in a segment on finding the right coffee appliance for every individual.

Are you one of those people who hold out for a big sale before they buy something? Here’s your chance to get a top quality super automatic at a fraction of the regular price! One of our best selling machines, the
Capresso C1500, has been discontinued. So get one before they’re gone!

By Sarah Ferguson - Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-off land, there were two companies: Bosch and Porsche. Each was known for its production of superior automotive products, so they decided to join forces and create something the likes of which no one had ever seen before. It was……..a coffee maker?!

The world, including Whole Latte Love, was surprised by this result, yet intrigued. Could these two companies think outside the Boxster and revolutionize the world of coffee brewing?

Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but most will agree that the Bosch’s
Porsche Thermal Coffee Maker brews a great cup of coffee and as
expected ... Read More
"It is clear that convenience and simplicity were at the forefront of Bosch and Porsche’s minds when they designed this coffee maker ..."
By Sarah Ferguson - French presses, or press pots, are normally thought of as one of the oldest ways to prepare coffee, however, this is somewhat of a myth. The French press had been conceptualized in the 1800’s, but a fully functional model was not available to the coffee drinking public until the very early 1900’s, well after the vacuum pot was made popular. The largest reason for this delay was the lack of a filter that would eliminate a reasonable amount of coffee grounds from the final product. Melior was one of the first to release a French press with an efficient filter and was so popular...
Read More

"There are no fancy gadgets and no need to master a mechanical monster; all you need to enjoy exquisite coffee is hot water, a press, and some ground coffee. "
The new Saeco V’spresso, Royal Digital +, and redesigned Royal Professional are now available! Continuing their tradition of excellence, Saeco has released all three of these machines with the options consumers are clamoring for. Each machine has Rapid Steam and a revamped control panel that features an independent menu button for effortless navigation. Now it’s easier than ever to get café quality espresso at home!

Take great coffee with you no matter where you end up this Independence Day! Complete with Orange County Choppers’ coffee, an 8-cup Bodum French press, a Vacuum Coffee Saver, and a travel mug, our 4th of July gift package lets you enjoy fresh gourmet coffee anywhere from your home to your campsite. If it’s too hot outside for a steaming cup of your favorite blend, pour it over ice and stay cool while you watch the fireworks! This package also makes a fabulous gift for the hosts of that neighborhood barbeque you’ll be attending, so while you’re celebrating the land of the free, introduce them to the world of "Latte Love!"

Other new products: Coffee Bean Storage Tins, Flower Espresso Cup Set, Ceramic Cup Set, Capresso Cool Grind Blade Grinder, Krups GVX1 Burr Grinder; and our Bosch Porsche Tea Kettle.

Watch for next month’s New Product Spotlight, featuring the Saeco V’spresso!
And So It Begins .- It has recently become clear to me that for the past several years, I have been happily skipping in a field of coffee ignorance. I think that at one point I must’ve picked up the National Enquirer Coffee Edition, read it cover to cover, and accepted it as my coffee bible, because the more I learn about this stuff, the more I realize that my mental rolodex needs to be cleaned out and completely recreated. The first tabloid tale of coffee to expel: coffee from a can tastes the same as fresh ground.

Now, my contact with coffee grounds and beans is fairly limited. I will be the first (well, maybe the second) to admit that I normally drink the stuff you get from the supermarket in 2 lb buckets... Read More

"I noticed that a fantastic aroma had begun to fill the air. That was when it hit me: no matter how good my canned coffee smelled when I pulled the foil off to open it, it was nothing compared to the overwhelming fragrance that was being produced at that exact moment."