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July 2004 Volume XVII

Posted: 04/24/06
July 2004 Volume XVII
 Saeco V’spresso Spotlight!
 SCAA ’04: Part II.
 Spectacular New Products!
Demitasse Sets, Cappuccino Cups, and Travel Mugs, oh my! We’ve recently added several new styles of cups and demitasse sets to our collection. If you’re looking for traditional demitasse cups, the Gold Rimmed Cup Set & Flower Cup Set would be a great addition to any home. For those of you who favor a modern look, our Ceramic and Stainless Steel Cups and Bodum Glass Cups add sophisticated style in both demitasse and cappuccino sizes.

Watch for next month’s New Product Spotlight, featuring the Hearthware I-Roast!

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   In the July 5th issue of the Cincinnati Post’s Online Edition, Whole Latte Love was listed as a "site to browse before you brew" alongside Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. The column, which highlights the best websites on specific topics, went on to recommended Whole Latte Love if you’re looking for equipment or skill-building opportunities. Designating our articles, tips, reviews, and buying guides as "an encyclopedic reference section," the author states that reading all of these items will make you "feel like you’re taking a class."

By Sarah Ferguson - The V’spresso’s looks stand out no matter how you feel about them. The machine’s boxy frame and V shaped front panels are a complete departure from the classic rounded exteriors that Saeco has made so popular. In a footprint roughly the size of the Charisma, Saeco accented the sharp angles of the V’spresso by adding silver detailing, designing a new control panel, and in a bold step, changing the color of their LED display to a muted orange. The design is innovative and perfectly suited for those inspired by minimalist modern designs.
  Looks aside, the V’spresso has a meaty feature list that will appeal to a wide
  variety of consumers. Included is a multitude of options and settings that are easily
  accessible through the redesigned control panel and menu system ... Read More
"Customize your espresso experience by using several of the menu options. The menu will let you choose between low, medium, and high temperature settings..."
By Sarah Ferguson - In an article on the SCAA conference that I penned previously, I wrote, "You haven’t lived until you’ve walked into a room where there are twelve 3-group La Marzocco machines lined up and ready to go." This type of enthusiasm is fairly common among industry members of the SCAA, but through my involvement with the Consumer Espresso Lab,
    I discovered that the Consumer members, or C-Members, are equally as fanatical
   about espresso; in some cases, more so. For as excited as I had been to play
   barista with those 3-group La Marzoccos, the C-Members attending this session
   were so thrilled to take a look at our variety of machines that quite a few of them
   showed up for a sneak peek well before the lab began... Read More

"The next hour was pretty much a blur. Everyone was milling about, trying to get a look at every machine and a shot from as many as possible. "
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Striking Gold .- You know you’re in the middle of a miscommunication when the person you’re talking to responds with "Jesus taught the apostles about coffee?" This odd question came about when I was having a conversation with my roommate about "the golden rule." She was talking about espresso, but after years of Catholic school, I automatically assumed she was referencing the old adage "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I launched into a story about Sister Agnes at St. Patrick’s school of the Gifted that left my roommate imagining an overly caffeinated geriatric nun who would wax poetic on espresso culture. When I mentioned the Sister’s emphasis on Jesus teaching the apostles the same concept, my roommate, who had no religious background whatsoever, uttered the words that I mentioned above. This was my introduction to the golden rule of espresso.

After we indulged in a moment of hysterical laughter, my roommate went back to teaching me the golden rule. "The golden rule states that a double shot is... Read More

  "I had done it! I had fused art and science! I raised the drink to my lips for the victory toast, and it was perfect…ly horrible."