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August 2004 Volume XVIII

Posted: 04/24/06
August 2004 Volume XVIII
 How a Super Auto Equals Savings
 i-Roast Product Spotlight!
 Coffee: It’s not Just for Drinking Anymore.
 Spectacular New Products!
Bunn rolls out a new look with their NHB coffee brewer! Retaining the same pour over system that has made Bunn so popular, the NHB features distinct rounded lines that set it apart from its more industrial looking predecessors. Much more than your average coffee maker, an 800-watt boiler keeps water heated to brewing temperatures at all times. This gives you the ability to brew a full 10-cup pot in only 3 minutes and provides instant access to hot water for tea or hot chocolate. With the NHB, Bunn proves that you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

Watch for next month’s New Product Spotlight, featuring the Bodum Granos Espresso Machine.

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In the August issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, Whole Latte Love’s president was quoted several times in the search engine optimization article "In the Click."

Consulted as an authority on the topic, he emphasized the value of being truthful with customers and giving them exactly what you’ve advertised. He also discussed the importance of organic results in search engines, stating, "Consumers see that natural listings are awarded to highly relevant sites. That’s the match they want."

By Sarah Ferguson - Meet Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Every evening, the Smiths and their friends, the Joneses, drive to their local coffee shop to purchase lattes, and return home to take a leisurely walk through their neighborhoods while sipping on their delectable drinks. One evening, Mr. Smith watched the barista at the coffee shop make his latte and started to think that maybe it was something he could do himself. So he went home and started researching his options on the internet.

   While waiting in line at the coffee house the next day, Mr. Smith presented his idea
   to his wife, who wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as he was. "It’ll cost too much
   money and it’s way too much work," she said. Right about that time, they crossed
   paths with the Joneses ... Read More
    "... we would only be spending $0.69 per drink, versus the $3.25 we pay the shop down the street. That’s a savings of $2.56 per drink!"
By Sarah Ferguson - Anyone who knows coffee knows that freshly roasted beans are a key factor in producing a fabulous cup, but what’s the best way to ensure the beans you’re brewing with are fresh? Roast them yourself. The i-Roast from Hearthware allows you to do just that and with its small size, you won’t have to convert your garage to a roastery. With an LCD display and several programming features, it’s obvious that the i-Roast’s relatively tiny package is not the only thing that sets it apart from other home roasters.

    The i-Roast is a hot air or fluid bed roaster, constantly circulating beans through its    glass roasting chamber using hot air. Beans fall into the bottom of the roasting    chamber and are pushed back up through the middle by the air, which is forced    through the system at both low and high fan speeds... Read More
"Once your beans have completed the roasting process, you will want to let them sit for at least 24 hours to release carbon dioxide. The important thing is to not brew with them until you’ve let them degas."
Did you know that every time you throw your spent coffee grounds in the garbage, you’re throwing away a valuable resource? You agonize over every last drop of your brew and make painstaking efforts to treat your beans with respect, but then discard the used grounds as if they have no use. This is a myth, my friends! Making their way from elite spas, to your neighbor’s garden, to one of the best steakhouses in Seattle, coffee grounds are taking the country by storm. Here are some of the ways that you can make your used coffee grounds work for you.

Seattle’s Signature Coffee Steak
We’re always looking for new flavors to add to our lattes, but meat? When a chef from Rippe’s Steakhouse in Seattle had the bright idea to coat filet mignon with spent espresso grounds from the local coffee house, she had no idea it would become such a phenomenon. Said to have a mild coffee taste, this coffee covered filet will be a hit at your next barbeque ... Read More
"Have some cold coffee sitting in the pot from this morning? Pour it on your indoor plants. It will produce great effects!"
Emily Post & Inspector Gadget? -My roommate bought me a bathroom scale. I know what you’re thinking, and it’s the same thing that I was thinking when she gave it to me: that’s pretty freakin’ rude. I would think it’s probably high on Emily Post’s list of gifts to never give, but in hindsight, I think Ms. Post would have instructed me to accept the gift thankfully, rather than responding to my roommate with a death stare and scaring the willies out of her. The scale, she explained, was not a comment on my weight, but a fuel for my passion! I had divulged to her previously that a passion has begun to burn inside of me, consuming my every thought and causing my taste buds to ache in anticipation! It is a passion for the "God Shot," and she was merely trying to help me on my way to finding it. Hehe, whoops.

To explain how I ended up here, let’s take a little trip back in time about 6 hours. Immediately after trying to pull my first shot, I was addicted... Read More
"Shouting "go, go gadget thumb" was my last resort, and even that didn’t work."