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September 2004 Volume XIX

Posted: 04/24/06
September 2004 Volume XIX
Bodum Granos Product Spotlight!
World Cup: Hurricane Hits Jamaica
What’s on your plate for the Holidays?
Spent Coffee Grounds: 2
The Readers Respond - More uses for spent grounds.

Melanie and another reader, Richard J, both mentioned that they scrub their garbage cans with spent grounds to help remove odors absorbed by the wastebasket. Coffee grounds can also be used for pest control. Richard also shared that Earl Proulx of Yankee Home Hints recommends mixing about 1 pound of grounds with 1 quart of water and pouring the mixture over anthills. It’ll get rid of those little pests fast! Thank you to Richard and Melanie for their great ideas!

In the August 25th edition of the LA Times, author Sarah Grausz demostrated what coffee connoisseurs have known for years: the quality of your grind dramatically affects the flavor of your coffee. The article, titled "The Grind that Makes the Cup," detailed the testing of several grinders including the Pasquini K2, Rancilio Rocky, and Solis Maestro Plus and directed readers to Whole Latte Love to purchase the best performers.

Whole Latte Love was also noted in the Boston Globe for devoting "page after page to technique." Published on September 16th, this article explored the idea that great espresso requires practice and lists Whole Latte Love as the place to go for all your "how-to" questions.

By Sarah Ferguson - Ever since its first appearance at the 2004 SCAA show in Atlanta, the Bodum Granos has been causing a buzz. The way this machine looks, it was nearly impossible to walk by the Bodum booth without stopping to check it out. From its bubble-enclosed cup warmer to its bottled water reservoir adapter, this is truly an espresso machine to remember.

Housed entirely in polished stainless steel, the Bodum Granos reflects off its own curves from every direction. Sprouting from the base of the Granos is a leaning support that leads to the control center of the machine. The brew group, control panel, and steaming functions are all held in this stainless steel semi-circle. Capped with
a cup warmer and clear, bubble-like lid, the control center forms an egg shaped
"head" that seems to be leaning forward and encouraging you to brew...
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"Unique to the Granos is the ability to replace this reservoir with your own bottled water, using the included bottle adapter."
By Carol Fingar - The normally tranquil, tropical island of Jamaica lazes just south of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. Known for its sunny beaches, resort community and laid back culture, Jamaica is also home to one of the world’s most adored and sought-after premium coffees: Jamaica Blue Mountain.

But things got problematic in paradise two weeks ago. On Saturday, September 11th, Hurricane Ivan barreled into Jamaica’s west coast with 155 mile-per-hour winds and twenty-three foot tidal swells, leaving a path of destruction and tragedy in its wake.

When Ivan took its swipe at Jamaica - and that’s all it was believe it or not, as the storm took an unexpected veer to the west about 40 miles off shore, sparing the
island its full force - it had just fallen below the category 5 status it held when it all
but flattened the tiny spice island of Grenada a few days earlier. Authorities at the
National Hurricane Center said Ivan was considered the sixth worse hurricane to
hit the Atlantic basin in history... Read More
"Norman Grant, president of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, and executive in the coffee industry, estimates the 2004/2005 crop loss to be between 40-50%."
Yes, we realize you just put away your bathing suits and haven’t even bought your Halloween candy yet, but it’s never too soon to start planning for the holidays - or at least the holiday newsletter issue. It’s true, we’ve already started to plan a holiday entertaining issue.

But we need your help. Please! Send us your favorite holiday recipe and we’ll put it in our holiday issue. Here’s the only catch: It has to somehow use coffee. Maybe it’s coffee-flavored cookies. A yummy coffee drink. Or coffee flavored turkey (Hey, it works for steak in Seattle.). Well, you get the idea. And if we use it, you get the credit too.

Email us your submissions and put "holiday recipe" in the subject line.
Work it! The milk that is. -I have a confession to make, and seeing as how this column is entitled "Confessions of an Espresso Novice," I feel it’s probably the appropriate forum. However, I must ask that you set down all heavy and/or sharp objects before reading the following few lines. Are we all set? Good.

Truth be told, I don’t like straight espresso. (This is my impression of me ducking to avoid any items you may have picked back up to lob at my head.)

I had this somewhat unsettling epiphany after I finally got the hang of the golden rule and, not to toot my own horn, began to pull some really amazing shots. Well, amazing as far as my barista-further-along-in-training-than-I roommate was concerned, and I’m pretty convinced that she knows what she’s talking about. After one shot in particular, she declared, "Omigosh, this is fabulous," and handed me the shot glass to sip from. My reaction was, well, not as enthusiastic. It was good, but not something I would necessarily look forward to drinking. It was like drinking my coffee black - I can deal with it, but I’d rather add a little milk. "Milk," I thought. "That’s the missing ingredient!"... Read More

"I guess in my mind, "swirling" meant moving the pitcher back and forth
with sharp wrist movements and spilling the contents over the side of
the pitcher."