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October 2004 Volume XX

Posted: 04/24/06
October 2004 Volume XX: A Special Holiday Edition
That’s Entertainment!
Holiday Recipes Ala Java
Lotsa Lavazza for the Holidays
Holiday Sweets
What would the holidays be without the delicious sweets that accompany them? To help you make your holidays even sweeter, we’re offering great deals on our O’Free and Organic Monin Syrups. Known for their quality and taste, these award-winning, flavored syrups have been the choice of professional chefs, bartenders and baristas for their creations since 1912. That’s because Monin uses only the finest ingredients to bring out the flavor in all their syrups - without any additives or preservatives. Just pure taste. So, not only do these syrups make a wonderful addition to coffee and cocoa drinks, but they’re also fantastic in desserts and cocktails. We’ve included some recipes for you to try that showcase the versatility of these syrups... Read More
Whole Latte Love was recently honored with Biz-Rate’s Circle of Excellence Award. Based on feedback Biz-Rate received from customers, this award is given only those companies that demonstrate outstanding performance in 7 key areas: Ease of Finding What You Are Looking For, On-Time Delivery, Overall Satisfaction, Selection of Products, Customer Support, Product Met Expectations and Repurchase Intent.

Putting them in the top 0.2% of Biz-Rate certified e-tailers, Whole Latte Love joins the ranks of Crutchfield Electronics, Blue Nile, Clinique, and the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. as a company who consistently earns their customers’ trust.

By Carol Fingar - The holidays will be here before you know it. And if you’re like everyone else, that means in addition to shopping and wrapping and party-going, you’ll be hosting a few soirees of your own. That’s why we’ve dedicated this edition of our newsletter to helping you get prepared to entertain.

One thing everyone enjoys is a good cup of joe. Whether it’s a cup of espresso with dessert, or as part of an after dinner cordial or just simply something to sip on while you sit around talking, coffee is an integral part of every holiday gathering. So we wanted to make some machine suggestions to help you prepare your liquid
refreshments for your company depending on the type of entertainer you are.

Finding the right machine requires you to know how you entertain. Do you tend to
invite a lot of guests or prefer to host intimate soirees? Are you a "hands-on" or
a "help-yourself" kind of host? All these things come into play, and that’s how we’ll
break down our suggestions... Read More
"Remember these are just suggestions designed to save you some research time. Feel free to match up your entertaining style with the oodles of other machines on our site."
By Carol Fingar - It’s almost that time of year. The hog fest we lovingly refer to as "the holidays" is fast approaching, and our mouths are already watering in anticipation. From cookies to cakes, tempting appetizers to filling main courses, drinks to desserts, we’re all sure to pack on a few pounds as we eat, drink and get merry for the next few months. (Ah, but who cares? That’s
what New Years resolutions are for.)

As you start to plan your holiday cooking, here’s some food for thought: instead of
the same old same old cavalcade of treats, why not flavor up some of your
seasonal favorites with coffee? Here are some recipes that feature java as a
prominent ingredient. Some we created. Some we tried. Some we just stumbled
across. Pick and choose the ones that tempt your palate and work them into your
holiday spread. So enjoy, and we’ll see you at the gym in January... Read More - Recipes Galore
"Oh my god!" was heard from more than one chocolate engorged
mouth. And just so you know, the filling is light enough to be
used on its own as a pudding. Mmmm."

We all know that Lavazza is to coffee what Gucci is to couture. Italian and fabulous. But, up until now, we’ve only been able to offer you a small part of their product line. Well, times they are a changing, and we’re pleased to announce that we now offer even more of this Italian elixir just in time for your holiday entertaining needs. We have expanded the Lavazza product line to include seven more coffees.

New Additions - Crema e Aroma, Il Perfetto Espresso, Crema e Gusto, Cafe Espresso, Espresso Decaffeinato, Qualita Rossa & Premium Drip

So whether you’re looking to venture into new tastes this season, or simply stocking up for the onslaught of merry makers sure to show up at your doorstep, do your holiday coffee the way the Italians do theirs. With Lavazza... Read Entire Article

Lavazza is to coffee what Gucci is to couture.
Italian and fabulous. Taste the Flavors!
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill. -It’s a mystery that will continue to be examined through the ages: What do the Beatles and espresso have in common?

Apparently David Bogie found some correlation between the two because every heading in his microfroth manifesto, "An In Depth Look at Frothing Milk", contains a Beatles lyric and/or song title that somehow eerily describes the proceeding section. After Googling the concept for a while and pondering the mystical parallels between these two seemingly unrelated notions, I was struck with a moment of clarity. When you play the White Album backward, John Lennon is reciting the golden rule over and over again.

Or maybe Mr. Bogie just had a Beatles album in his CD player when he wrote the article.

Either way, Bogie’s tome had me motivated, and not only to spend hours on the internet. I was convinced that microfroth was my rapidly approaching destiny. So I went out and bought all the supplies he listed as necessary, and even those he deemed only “strongly recommended” and “highly desirable”, hoping that these purchases would help me bypass the majority ... Read More

"So, Bogie was right - it is all about practice. And with practice,
my friends, I feel as though I am the Walrus. Goo goo g’joob. "