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November 2004 Volume XXI

Posted: 04/24/06
November 2004 Volume XXI
Isomac: A Family Portrait
E61: Demystifying the Mystique
The North Pole is Officially Open
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By Carol Fingar - ’Tis the season of frenetic entertaining and voluminous coffee drinking. With this in mind, we decided to expand a line of well-known workhorses built to handle the pressure of the holidays - the Isomac family of semi-automatic espresso machines. Every Isomac is built in the fine Italian tradition of espresso machines where quality and craftsmanship take center stage.

Isomac was started in 1977 Macherio, Italy - which is just outside Milan - by
Giovanni Fontana. Fontana received his extensive training and attention to
detail in Italy’s most famous coffee-machine factories. He took his craft and
coupled it with his vision to begin producing a line of durable espresso
machines that have a uniquely masculine design and unwavering performance.

Let’s start with aesthetics. This is one good-looking family that would be a
beautiful addition to any kitchen. Unlike many machines, every Isomac-
from their smaller Supergiada to their top-of-the-line prosumer machine
Millennium - houses its streamlined, uncomplicated lines in polished
solid stainless steel - right down to its removable drip tray and accents-
to create a great blend of traditional looks and modern appeal... Read More
"All this heavy metal means these machines are little porkers, the lightest weighing in at nearly 20 pounds. But it’s the equivalent of technological muscle, not excess fat. And you’ll see that every time you use your Isomac."
By Carol Fingar - The E61 Brew Group. It’s been hailed as the industry standard, revered in coffee circles worldwide, and reverently passed over the lips of every espresso connoisseur in search of the perfect espresso machine - from the newbie to the well-seasoned barista.

So what I want to know is, why all the hooplah?

And with that, I set off to spend some time with Todd Foster, a tech at Whole Latte Love, who knows espresso machines inside and out, and talked to me with a knowledge and
passion like I talk to my friends about poker.

Now I know a fantastic espresso when I have one. But when Todd extracted an
espresso for me from a prototype machine that used the E61 Brew Group, it took
my appreciation of espresso to a whole new level. It was phenomenal...
Read More
"It’s the density that helps it maintain the water temperature," Todd
explained, and I vaguely recalled a lesson from high school physics
about mass and heat.

By Carol Fingar - Blech. Yet another tie. A cheese log. A lame bottle of wine. We’ve all been there. The typical fall back gifts when we’ve run out of ideas. Well good news. Our Holiday Gift Center is up and running to help you with great gift ideas for any coffee lover on your list. (And maybe pick up a little something, something for yourself.) In fact it’s a veritable coffee wonderland…

How Do You Tackle Your List?

Do you shop by budget? Look for something distinctly different? Match presents to personalities? Well, no matter which way you like to shop, we’ve got it covered. Go to our gift center and choose a way of shopping to suit... Read More

Check out Dynamic Duos for a gift that would make any budding or seasoned barista on your list giddy with delight.
Give Me A Cup Cake Prison. - Few things in life can make a person truly happy, and for every individual, the thing that really pushes their buttons is different. For some, it’s a rewarding career. For others, it’s a dedicated family life. For Martha Stewart, it’s tying frou-frou ribbons around cinnamon sticks and calling it a centerpiece. Like I said, everyone’s different. But there are a few things that Martha and I have in common, and one of them is a love for entertaining, so it was only natural that my next espresso adventure would involve a large gathering.

It all started with a phone call from my mother. Apparently, my cousin Angela couldn’t host our family’s annual pre-holiday party due to some remodeling on her home, and I was nominated to take over. I didn’t have any problem with this, but then she said it - "I already told everyone about how you make those cappycheena things and they can’t wait!" Now, although I have become confident in my abilities as a barista, putting them on display was not something I was looking forward to. In fact, I believe the thought had crossed my mind at one point, but I’d suppressed the memory out of fear that it might actually happen.... Read More

"But in the back of my mind, I heard Martha say "Chin up. Your guests
will never know there’s a problem if you handle it with grace."