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December 2004 Volume XXII

Posted: 04/24/06
December 2004 Volume XXII
Expobar Brewtus - Dual Boiler Product Spotlight!
Good Tidings.
Sprucing Up for the Holidays.
What’s Your BIG IDEA contest.
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In our ongoing effort to make our website a better, cooler, wilder place, we’re taking your suggestions. If you’ve got some ideas on how we could improve the website, submit your brainchild to us by January 10,2005. And if your BIG IDEA is voted the most creative by our staff, you’ll win 2 lbs of the coffee of your choice every month for the next 12 months. Make a new choice each month or just scheduled the same shipment every month & forget about it until the coffee shows up on your doorstep.
Have you been to The Brew Group yet? Judging from the traffic we’re seeing, the answer is probably yes. In the weeks since its launch, The Brew Group has more than quadrupled in its membership and continues to grow every day. But we do know that there are still some lurkers out there, and we’d love to hear what you have to say. So, create your account today, get XX off your next purchase (of $50.00 or more) with Whole Latte Love, and let us in on what you have to say!

The Double Boiler Wonder - It’s time to let the secret out. So hold onto your demitasse, you’re in for a real treat. The Expobar Brewtus is here! This dream machine was designed specifically to produce the best quality espresso with unheard of consistency. How? It’s all about control. You control the temperature with the only digital display in the industry and Brewtus keeps the temperature on target with unparalleled precision. What makes this different than those all so familiar heat exchanger machines you may ask?
In a heat exchanger system there is one boiler performing 2 main functions:
producing steam & hot water for brewing. With the Brewtus, there are
2 independent boilers. One for steaming and one solely dedicated to brewing.

But, I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

There are a lot of factors that go into creating the perfect shot of espresso,
but once you’ve mastered your technique, found the right beans and grind
that deliver the taste you like, it comes down to one thing. Temperature
consistency. Any fluctuation will affect the taste of your espresso. It’s
that simple.... Read More
"While 95° Celsius is accepted as the industry norm, you can now, at will and whimsy, change the temperature in 1°C increments with the push of a button."
In our world and in our business, 2004 has been an amazing year of trials balanced with blessing, and obstacles surpassed by growth. For us, it’s been an intense time of hard work to not only better our website and business, but also to give back to our national community. So we’d like to thank all of you who made the joy of this year possible, and share with you a glimpse of what went on this year in the Land of Latte Love.

Whole Latte Love’s 2004 was based on what you - our customers - were asking for: more products and more information. So we started by bringing hundreds of new machines and accessories to the table. The most significant of these was the Expobar Brewtus - the product of a year-long collaboration between us and Expobar, which resulted in the creation of a machine that met the needs (and definitely the wants) of the truly serious espresso lover... Read More
"... we shipped 1,000 bags of Lavazza coffee to our steadfast troops to keep them caffeinated and hopefully give them a little piece of home - both of which felt more rewarding than any of the press or awards we received."

By Carol Fingar - Okay, so you spent all year developing into the master barista you’ve become. You spent countless hours pulling and sampling shots of espresso until you were so wired you had to be scraped off the ceiling. You went through more milk perfecting your frothing technique than most grammar school cafeterias. You spent more time with your espresso machine than with your family. And so much time with your frothing wand, in particular, that you have legitimate concerns about carpel tunnel.

But all the sacrifice was worth it. And now you’re ready to show off your finely honed skills by throwing a little soiree. You’ve stocked up on coffees, accumulated endless bottles of flavored syrups, brought in a multitude of milk and have sent out the invites…

Whoa! Hold up! You’re not going to serve up all that liquid perfection in those cups are you? ... Read More

"We’ve brought in a new line of fancy-schmancy cups from Classic Coffee & Tea that will be absolutely perfect for all your upcoming celebrations."
To The Espresso Machine I Loved Before. -It’s hard when you realize you need to move on from something - or someone - that you love so much. But as time goes on, we grow and change, and the necessity to adjust your life to accommodate that growth becomes truly important. And sometimes you just have to let something go. This is the heart-wrenching realization I’ve come to with my dear, dear Silvia.

Don’t get me wrong, Silvia has served me unbelievably well. She’s been a little stainless steel workhorse that has been faithful and true since day one of my espresso odyssey. But my journey has taken me a little further than I ever could of expected - from true espresso novice to barista - and I think it’s time to spread my wings and fly.

Truth be told, I don’t think I ever would have realized I needed to move on if it hadn’t been for a chance meeting with an Expobar. As you may recall, I had a dinner party that allowed me to discover that although I’ve always liked to entertain, the addition of my personally made espresso-based drinks brought a level of joy to the equation I never foresaw. And unfortunately... Read More

"I don’t need the Expobar every day. I can stop whenever I want to."
But alas, I couldn’t stop."