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May 2005 Volume XXIV

Posted: 04/24/06
May 2005 Volume XXIV
Jura Capresso Impressa Z5 Product Spotlight!
Technivorm Clubline Spotlight!
Contest: The Biggest Idea.

You’ve been patiently waiting for months and now the time is here to announce the winner of our Big Idea Contest! Before we get to the good stuff, we would just like to thank everyone for their submissions - they were so good that it took us a lot of deliberation to decide on a winner.

So without further ado - drum roll please - ... SEE WINNER

The Z5 isn’t your run of the mill super automatic espresso machine. It goes one step further than the standard one-touch grind, tamp, and brew system and adds the essential step of steaming and frothing milk into the mix. And Capresso didn’t just keep the long list of features that have made their name synonymous with luxury; they added a few more. Features like being able to program the display name for each brewing button and a laser beam that acts as a low level bean sensor are, for lack of a better phrase, super cool.
It Slices, it Dices, it Juliennes Fries...
Okay, so here’s the short version. The Jura Capresso Impressa Z5 has: a wavy silver front panel with chrome and black accents, 2 stainless-steel lined thermoblock boilers; a bypass doser; 2 brewing centers; 5 brewing buttons that can be programmed for liquid volume, strength, and temperature in 2 different ways; an auto frother; a 32 oz. thermal milk container; the ability to brew a cappuccino from start to finish after pressing only one button and never moving your cup; one touch menu access; a central illuminated brewing area; a red-on-black digital display; the Clearyl Water Filtration system; the ability to rename the on and off messages as well as the display name for any brewing button... Read More
"Folks, this is one of those gadgets you’re going to want to do full infomercial-style demos on when your friends come over."
By Sarah Ferguson- When you find out a coffee maker is one of the few certified by the SCAA, it doesn’t seem like there’s much more that needs to be said - you already know it’s good. But the Technivorm Clubline KB 741 is such a unique machine, that we’d really be cheating you by giving you that tidbit and not explaining why this machine has received such acclaim.

The main reason for its allure: temperature. Although it’s fairly common knowledge that coffee should be brewed between 194 and 204ºF (per the SCAA), the large majority of coffee makers fall short of this target. Not the Technivorm. Every pot is brewed with pulsing bursts of water delivered to your filter-full of ground coffee at the proper temperature for a perfectly brewed pot. Part of the reason the Technivorm is able to maintain a consistent brewing temperature is because it has separate heating elements for heating water and for heating the hot plate. You may be thinking that a few degrees in temperature doesn’t make that much of a difference and that you’d never notice any change in flavor as a result, but that’s simply not the case.... Read More
"Technivorm doesn’t simply rely on their reputation, but continues to do things like hand assembling and individually inspecting every machine that goes out their door."