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June 2005 Volume XXV

Posted: 04/21/06
June 2005 Volume XXV
Reneka Techno: Product Spotlight!
The Mazzer Behind the Myth.
What’s Brewing at your Barbeque?
Capresso Refurbs Available.

If you’ve been waiting to find a great deal on an espresso machine before taking the plunge, it’s time to put on your goggles and hold your breath. Just in time for summer, WholeLatteLove is offering unbelievably low prices on refurbished Capresso machines, saving you up to 50% off of the retail prices on models like the S9, F9, and C3000. It’s never been easier - or cheaper - to dive into home espresso, so don’t miss this chance to get your feet wet with some of the best super autos available. OWN A CAPRESSO TODAY.
With the Reneka Techno’s distinct appeal to down-and-dirty, hardcore espresso aficionados, you would think espresso machines were the passion that fueled Reneka from the get-go. In actuality, Reneka spent a lot of time soul-searching before it found its calling. After initially specializing in chromium plating for orthopedic equipment and car parts, they moved into silverware manufacturing in Alsace, France. From there they began producing catering products, and in 1932 came up with their first chrome-plated coffee machine. Reneka finally found its niche in 1958 when they brought their first espresso machine to market. Ever since, they have been using their progressive technology to produce professional espresso machinery.

Fast-forward around 45 years to the introduction of the Techno. The kids at Reneka got the bright idea to develop a double boiler machine, pair it with a rotary pump and lots of other exciting bells and whistles, mount it on a steel frame, and cover it with an attractive brushed stainless steel casing and removable colored side panels. The result? A professional caliber machine designed specifically for the serious home barista... Read More
"Inside you’ll see the massive 1.4 liter twin boilers, a commercial quality flow meter, and - just when you thought you’d seen it all - an internal pressure gauge."
By Sarah Ferguson- For over 50 years, Mazzer’s business has solely been concentrated on producing burr grinders, and in this time frame, they’ve become the worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing these machines. In fact, Mazzer produced nearly 35,000 grinders in 2004 alone. Their 54,000 square foot Venetian factory is an example in strict quality control, and the result is a product that is so well known for it’s precision and reliability that it’s become the coffee-grinding standard in more than 50 countries.

The introduction of 2005’s Mini P gave consumers a peek at the company that Mazzer really is. For years they’ve been producing grinders that shine in commercial as well as home settings, but the Mini P showed their dedication to producing a product directly geared at the consumer market. Customers were clamoring for a shorter grinder that would match their polished stainless steel espresso machines, and Mazzer was more than happy to deliver. To make the Mazzer P, they created a new... Read More
"Mazzer constructs their burrs from tempered ball bearing steel for the utmost in strength and longevity"

By Sarah Ferguson - Just because the weather’s turned hot doesn’t mean it’s time to forsake your beloved coffee. Whether it’s over ice, blended into a smoothie, or mixed into your favorite ice cream, coffee is a great addition to your summer festivities. So when you’re preparing for your big summer bash, don’t forget to brew a pot of your favorite java.

Here are a few tips on brewing iced coffee:

1. Always brew your coffee hot - Coffee is brewed at specific temperatures because it’s the best way to bring out the flavor nuances in the blend you’ve chosen. Brew your coffee as you normally would, and then pour it over ice to chill it. If you’re making small batches or individual drinks, try mixing your coffee and ice in your martini shaker.

2. Brew your coffee double strength - When you’re mixing a drink with ice, keep in mind that ice melts and waters down your drink - especially when you’re combining it with a hot beverage like coffee. If you’re brewing your coffee with a drip coffeemaker, it’s a good idea to... Read More

"Just because the weather’s turned hot doesn’t mean it’s time
to forsake your beloved coffee."