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August 2005 Volume XXVI

Posted: 04/24/06
August 2005 Volume XXVI
Capresso S9 Avantgarde: Spotlight!
Meet Our Beans. A Guide to Coffee.
The GroupHead Files: Buying a Grinder?
Coffee Factoids.
Will the Real Jamaica Blue Please Stand Up? In an effort to weed out impostors, the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica has been using Jamaican natives living in the US to
"mystery shop" coffee branded as Jamaica Blue Mountain. After purchasing the coffee from either online or brick and mortar stores, the coffee is shipped back to Jamaica for authenticity testing. Anyone producing "fake" Jamaican Blue had better watch out - the Jamaican government is planning to prosecute any violators. Source:

Stand Aside Pepsi and Coke, Here Comes Coffee. The National Coffee Association released a report stating that daily coffee consumption in the US has increased from 49% in 2004 to 53% in 2005. Which age group saw the highest increae in coffee guzzling? 18-24 year olds, of which an all time high of 26% are daily coffee consumers. Source: Reuters

Coffee Picking Cons. Once one of the world’s largest coffee exporters, Puerto Rico is trying to reclaim its former success by jump-starting its coffee production. The commonwealth has identified its largest problem to be a lack of willing coffee pickers, most of which have moved to factory or construction jobs that are less strenuous and pay more. To solve the problem, Puerto Rico’s agriculture secretary has proposed using minimum-security prisoners as coffee pickers - a venture that Puerto Rico will begin testing this fall. Source: The New York Times
By Sarah Ferguson- When Jura Capresso names a machine, they usually go basic -like E8, C1300, and F9 for example -and let the machine and its impressive features do the talking. This time they decided to give you a little preview of what this machine’s personality is before you even see it and gave it the name "Avantgarde". As the name implies, this machine comes from a company and a line of super automatics known for their innovation, and the S9 Avantgarde itself - despite being based on the prior S9 model - is no exception.

What’s New?

So what exactly puts the "avant-garde" in the S9 Avantgarde? A few things actually, including significant improvements in the programming, brewing, and menu controls. To start off, Capresso beefed up their LED display -nearly doubling it in size as compared to the original S9 -for even more visibility and clearly stated directions and alerts. From this display, the Avantgarde will let you know when you’re out of beans or water, when the dump box needs to be emptied, and even when you need to run cleaning cycles. As you can see, the LED display is really the center of communication between you and your super auto... Read More
"Just like avant-garde theater, literature, and art, the S9 Avantgarde is a concept rooted in tradition that captivates its audience with innovation and style."
By Sarah Ferguson- It’s a common problem in the Land of Latte: you’ve just splurged on your dream machine and matching grinder but can’t figure out which of our espresso blends you should try. And who can blame, you? If you’ve never tried the coffees we offer, figuring out which one will best satisfy your tongue can be a bit tricky. So we’ve gathered a few folks here at WholeLatteLove that have the palates and communication skills to give you the low down on what to expect from our best selling blends.

To give them a level playing field, these coffees were brewed as 25-second double shots in our beloved Rancilio S24 after being ground in a Mazzer Mini Electronic Type B. Then each of our 3 panelists tasted the shot and waxed poetic about the brew’s acidity, flavor characteristics, and body.

Let’s take a moment to meet our judges, shall we? Although their names have been changed to avoid the paparazzi that will no doubt be on their tails after the debut of this article, their backgrounds remain unchanged. ... Read More
"One of the things I notice right off the bat is that it has a low acidity to it, so the body and sweetness are really at the forefront when you taste it."

Dear GroupHead:

I have a confession to make: I am the owner of a steam driven "espresso machine". After a few years of deluding myself into thinking it’s producing good coffee, I’ve woken out of my coffee coma and seen the light -I need a real espresso machine! I’ve done some research and I’m pretty set on the Gaggia Classic, but now I’m wondering if I need to upgrade my grinder too. The grinder I have has 18 grind settings and I was using a "2" setting to get "good" results from my steam toy. I can’t really spend the extra money right now, but am I going to be up a creek without a paddle if I don’t get something better? What do I do?

Helpless in PA

From the GroupHead


First off, congrats on your decision to upgrade. As I’m sure you already know, steam driven machines don’t technically produce espresso - they brew at too high a temperature (around 212°F versus a "true" espresso machine’s 190-195°F) and too low a pressure (about 2 -3 BAR compared to 8-9) to make the legendary brew. Luckily, you’ve already figured out that there’s something better out there, so you’re well on your way to espresso nirvana.

As for your grinder question, you’re not the first to ask it, and I can guarantee you won’t be the last. The scenario is all too familiar: you’re ready to plunk down some serious cheese for a fab espresso machine... Read More

"It’s all about personal preference and the only failsafe way to truly know what you’ll like is to try it. "