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September 2005 Volume XXVII

Posted: 04/24/06
September 2005 Volume XXVII
Gaggia Titanium SS: Product Spotlight!
All of us at WholeLatteLove would like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Join us in supporting Red Cross relief efforts by clicking here.

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Donated Coffee Perks up Hurricane Katrina Victims. Louisiana-based Community Coffee has garnered the support of its green coffee partners around the world to provide 5 million cups of coffee toward Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Growers and exporters depend on their longstanding relationship with Community Coffee and the Port of New Orleans, which receives over 8% of the world’s coffee, to distribute their beans, and have donated 45,000 pounds of coffee to evacuees and relief workers. Fabio Mattos Ferreira of Unicafe, a Brazilian green coffee company, summed it up: "It is devastating to know about the destruction caused for the great people living in the southeastern United States. We at Unicafe feel that it is very important to join efforts to help everybody involved." Source: www.

The Latest Buzz at Texas High Schools. Getting through third-period English just became easier for high school students in some parts of Texas who are benefiting from coffee bars in their libraries and cafeterias. Librarians at the state and national levels have helped spread the idea, which they hope might soften the stereotype of libraries as being stuffy, hushed reserves for geeks. They’re betting that soft lighting, comfortable chairs, and a good brew will encourage students to use the library for research, rather than relying solely on the internet. Source:
Gaggia TitaniumBy Sarah Ferguson- Right now you’re probably wondering 1 of 2 things: either "Why are you doing a Product Spotlight on the Gaggia Titanium after it’s already been out for a while," or "Gaggia Titanium SS? Is that different than the original?" Let’s just say question 2 pretty much answers question 1 - we’ve got the machine that put the "super" into super automatic.

So just what makes the Gaggia Titanium SS so special? A whole lot more than can be squeezed into one sentence. But the cornerstone of all the excitement surrounding this espresso machine can be summed up in one phrase: stainless steel. Not only does the Titanium SS feature the same 2 stainless steel boilers, stainless steel Turbo Frother, and stainless steel front panel that you can find on the original, it also has - drum roll please - an entirely stainless steel housing. Yes, you read it correctly; the Gaggia Titanium SS is housed in a gorgeous stainless steel that made it our staff’s pick for the hands-down most stunning all-metal super auto available. In fact, it’s the only super automatic on the market to be covered with this sought-after stuff, and when you add on its unbelievable set of features and capabilities, the Gaggia Titanium SS... Read More
"Wrap it all in a stainless steel housing and you have a
combination of strength, speed, and style."
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Group Head Files
Dear GroupHead:

My trusty old drip coffee maker died a week ago and now I’m in the market for a new one. I’ve taken a look at what you have to offer, and I have to say I’m a little mystified at all the selection - I really thought coffee makers were pretty much the same. Is there something specific I should be looking at before I make my decision?

Confused Brewer

From the GroupHead

Confused Brewer,

Coffee makers are a lot like televisions. (Stick with me here; this really is going somewhere.) Although it’s true that no matter what one you choose will ultimately do its job, differences in the construction and feature list of the item will not only affect the quality of its output, but also limit or enhance the ways you can use it. For instance, any television is going to show you a picture, but a flat screen TV is going to provide a much larger viewing angle, which makes it more desirable in a room where there’s seating that doesn’t have a head on view of the screen. Similarly, any drip coffee maker is going to make drip coffee, but, for example, one that can brew into 2 carafes at the same time is going to be a lot more useful for people that entertain quite a bit than a brewer that only has 1 carafe. So long story short, yeah, there are a few things you should consider before you buy... Read More

"Although there are quite a variety of machines out there, you may not be able to find one machine that fits every criterion, so you may have to work a little bit of compromise..."