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October 2005 Volume XXVIII

Posted: 04/21/06
October 2005 Volume XXVIII
Corporate Gift Giving.
The GroupHead Files: Will a super automatic make "regular" coffee?
Coffee Factoids.

Coffee Named the #1 Source of Antioxidants.
The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania recently released a study in which they found coffee to be the #1 source of antioxidants among Americans. But don’t rewrite the food pyramid just yet - the study also revealed that our veggie friends like carrots, spinach and kale have a much larger concentration of antioxidants per serving and the only reason we get our largest amount of antioxidants from coffee is because we consume far more of it than we do our leafy greens. Source:

No More Coffee on the Morning Commute.
MTA officials in New York City have put the kibosh on your morning caffeine intake - they’ve made it a fineable offense to drink coffee on the subway. Said MTA Board Chairman Peter Kalikow (who was apparently suffering from severe caffeine withdrawal himself), "If you’re walking around with a steaming hot coffee on the 5 train or the 4 train at 8:30 in the morning, I would hope to hell that cop would give you a summons because you have no right to do that." A personal note to the Board Chairman from yours truly: If you’re going to create a situation where you have a bunch of angry, caffeine deprived New Yorkers squeezed into a bunch of boxes underground, you may want to consider being a little less provoking. Source:
Corporate Gift Giving
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The Group Head Files
The Group Head Files
Dear GroupHead:

My wife is really into the fancy coffee drinks she gets from a local coffeehouse, so now she wants to buy one of these super automatic machines - the S9 Avantgarde. It seems like a whole lot of money for one coffee maker, so I want to make sure that it will make the coffee I like to drink too. Will a super automatic make regular coffee? And will it make all of her cappuccino latte things too, or should we be looking at something else?

Regular Joe

From the GroupHead

Regular Joe,

For you, Joe, I have a lot of good news and just a wee little bit of not-really-that-bad news. We’ll start with the quote unquote bad news: no, you can’t make "regular" coffee with the S9 Avantgarde, or any super automatic espresso machine for that matter. Now, let me backtrack here and clarify that I’m assuming you mean drip coffee when you say "regular" coffee and, as strange as this may sound, you do need a drip coffee maker to make drip coffee. But all is not lost, Joe! You can make a couple things with your super auto that are, by gosh, pretty darn similar to drip coffee: café americano and café crema.

Of the two, a café americano is the closest thing in flavor to drip coffee... Read More

"Frothed, steamed, or a combination of both, milk makes an appearance in just about every one of those lip-smackin’ drinks your wife has a penchant for."
BOSCH Benvenuto B30
By Sarah Ferguson - With the introduction of their Porsche Coffee Maker last year, Bosch made a notable entry into the coffee world by providing a perfect combination of exemplary performance and unBOSCH Benvenuto B30matched style. Their second go around with coffee machinery has resulted in the release of the Bosch Benvenuto B30: a super automatic espresso machine that boasts the same pairing of superior function and suave design, but focuses its attention on the specialty coffee end of the spectrum rather than drip coffee. As if foreseeing the ad campaign that would accompany the release of the machine, the B30 was sincerely "Invented for Life," not only containing a host of features that make it practical and easy to use, but also sporting a sleek and simple look that won’t have any trouble fitting into the "average" American kitchen. With sensibility and usability at the forefront of its design, it’s safe to say that the Benvenuto B30 is going to make a splash of its own.

One of the key ingredients to a top-quality espresso machine is the ability for a first time user to walk up to the machine and extract a flawless espresso without issue. The Benvenuto B30 accomplishes this goal with no problem at all. The biggest factor in its ease of use is... Read More

"That intuitive simplicity coupled with its understated appearance make the B30 an obvious choice for freshmen and alumni of the espresso university alike."