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November 2005 Volume XXIX

Posted: 04/21/06
November 2005 Volume XXIX
Gaggia Baby D: Spotlight.
Corporate Gift Giving

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WholeLatteLove’s Corporate Gift Giving program makes it easy to find gifts that everyone will love and keep you under budget. Take a look at our existing packages, or give us a call at 888-411-5282 ext.5184 and create one of your own. To learn more, visit the Corporate Gift Giving section of our website.

Great Pumpkin Contest Winner

A big congratulations to Carey Kloss, the winner of our Great Pumpkin Contest! Nearly 200 entries were submitted to us by Halloween Day and Carey Kloss of California came within 74 cups of the correct answer.

So, in the instance that you stumble upon a 310-pound pumpkin and decided to bake a pie using 12 ounces of pumpkin for every pie, divide the pie equally into 8 pieces, eat each piece of pie with a cup of coffee, you would be drinking 3306.66 cups of coffee. Now that’s a lot of joe!! Congratulations again to Carey Kloss and thanks for all of the wild and crazy entries!

Gaggia Baby D Espresso Machine Product Spotlight
Gaggia Baby D Espresso Machine Product SpotlightGaggia has had quite a year when it comes to new products. Within the past 12 months, we’ve seen the introduction of the Compact Digital, Titanium, Titanium SS, and now, the Gaggia Baby D. And just like the other new Gaggia machines released in 2005, the Baby D is something to write home about. It’s claim to fame? A spiffy bubble-buttoned control panel that has 2, count ’em, 2 programmable brewing buttons.

You look familiar to me...

Truth be told, the Baby D is somewhat of a hybrid in its design. It has obviously retained the majority of the original Gaggia Baby’s sleek style - like its rounded corners, top mounted steam knob, and backlit indicator icons - but also has a control panel that features the same push buttons found on the Gaggia Titanium and Titanium SS. Top it off with a silver ABS plastic housing, (which p.s., has fun sparkly silver flecks in it), and you have a machine that looks pretty darn cool...
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"These heavyweight components provide temperature stability and the capability to brew cafe quality espresso."
What’s New at Whole Latte Love
Expobar Brewtus II -
Brewtus II Double Boiler Espresso Machine
Are you wondering what we could have possibly done to improve the original Brewtus? For starters, we added a brew pressure gauge, paired it with a brew pressure control knob for all those tweakers out there, and then upgraded to a no-burn steam wand. And we left in all the goodies that made it famous in the first place, like its dual boiler design, digital temperature control, and gorgeous stainless steel housing. Does it get any better than that?
Learn more by checking out the Brewtus II’s product detail page.

Jura Capresso S7 Avantgarde -

The Jura Capresso S7 Avantgarde has everything you need for day-to-day use paired with the power that makes this a great super auto for entertaining. With its dual heating element design and auto frothing attachment, whipping up a few cappuccinos and lattes has never been quicker, and its programmable brewing buttons and one-touch menu access make every operation a no-brainer.
Learn more by checking out the S7 Avantgarde’s product detail page.

Ritzenhoff Collector CupRitzenhoff Collection Cups -

This unbelievable collection of artist-designed espresso cups, cappuccino cups, coffee mugs, latte macchiato glasses, teacups, and cafe au lait bowls add excitement to any java experience. Each cup is designed by a renowned artist and comes complete with a collector’s box that makes a perfect display unit. Although they are truly collectable items, these Ritzenhoff cups are all dishwasher and microwave safe, making them usable in your everyday life as well.
Learn more about all of these cups by checking out the Ritzenhoff page.

Live Product Demonstrations -

Just what is a live product demonstration? It’s one of WholeLatteLove’s in-house experts live on camera, showing you the ins and outs of whichever machine you’d like to see through steaming video on the web. You can even interact with the presenter and other participants through conference call during the demo. Ain’t technology cool?
Learn more about Whole Latte Love’s Live Product Demonstrations.
Holiday Coffee Survival Guide
By Nicole Jones - The holidays are here and there’s no getting around it. For those of us who don’t subscribe to Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens, here’s a little guide of caffeinated ideas to help get you through the next four weeks - better known as the holiday season.

To Grandmother’s House We Go
Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder
Whether you’re entertaining at home this holiday season or headed off to Grandma and Grandpa’s, the first thing you’ll need on the long drive is a little caffeine in your system - added fuel for the road. Grab our Whole Latte Love Travel Mug and a cappuccino, latte or a four-shot iced Americano, because you’re going to need something extra to get through the bumper-to-bumper high-speed panic braking on the expressway. Or why not bring a Bodum Stainless Steel Coffee Press filled with freshly brewed coffee and give yourself the option to brew along the way?

You’re going to want a little caffeine for the days ahead too - so make sure you’ve brought along the necessities - there is no accounting for some people’s taste for instant coffee or powdered cappuccinos. Now bringing your own beans, grinder and coffeemaker might seem a bit over the top, but let’s be realistic - surviving three or four days on flavored freeze-dried coffee is a bit garish. But there is a more polite way to get through the holidays... Read More

"You’ll be set for the next few days of holiday bliss!"
Fun Coffee Facts
By Sarah Ferguson - Folgers in a Half Shell

The same week that Folgers announced its New Orleans plant was back in full operation, some other news broke that’s had us wondering if they shouldn’t have inspected the facility a little more carefully before resuming production. Marge of Ainsworth, Iowa brewed her pot of Folgers the same as every other day, but November 6th’s pot tasted a little, well,Fun Coffee Facts reptilian. Upon further inspection of the vacuum-sealed bag, good ole’ Marge found a 2-inch turtle in her grounds, fully intact and yes, dead. After calling Folgers (whose apparently un-PR savvy customer service department informed her that it was probably from the New Orleans plant), the apparently unfazed Marge put "Mr. Turtle" in her freezer as a souvenir and switched to tea, stating, "It’s safer because it’s in a bag." Given her chosen memento of the event, it seems that Marge too was in the bag.
Source: KCRG TV-9 News and Reuters
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"Marge put ’Mr. Turtle" in her freezer as a souvenir & switched to tea."