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January 2006 Volume XXX

Posted: 04/21/06
January 2006 Volume XXX
Incanto Sirius: Spotlight.
Coffee Factoids.

Serving Justice One Cup at a Time

Five years ago, some butt-kissing law clerks walked into a Newark, NJ coffee shop and had a special blend whipped up for their boss, Samuel Alito, Jr., in honor of his birthday. The blend, dubbed "Judge Alito’s Bold Justice" wasn’t too popular with anyone but the judge until his recent US Supreme Court nomination - at which point everyone jumped on the Alito bandwagon and this little coffee shop had more business than it could handle. Listed on the shop’s website as a "mix of Columbian, Java and New Guinea with a bit of espresso," we can only hope that Judge Alito is a bit more knowledgeable and coherent when it comes to the law than this particular shop is about coffee, espresso, and the "blends" they peddle.


Live Product Demonstrations from Whole Latte Love.

Ready to get a first-hand look at WholeLatteLove’s products? Our Live Product Demonstrations give you just that - a full, in depth examination of individual products and how they work. And each Demo is hosted by one of WholeLatteLove’s own sparkling personalities, so they’re as entertaining as they are informative. To participate in one of our Live Demos, just give us a ring and we’ll supply you with the information you need to tune in. We’re also adding new videos to our online library every day, so be sure to check back frequently to see what’s new!
Saeco Incanto Sirius Product Spotlight
Saeco Incanto Sirius Product SpotlightOne dark and stormy night, a lone member of the Saeco product development team sat in an otherwise vacant laboratory making sure their newest creation was ready for public consumption.

"Latest technology? Check. Rapid Steam? Check. Sleek stainless steel housing? Check." Thunder rumbled in the distance. "SBS brewing system? Check. More menu and programming options than you can shake a stick at? Check. LCD touch-screen display that was originally developed for use on mobile phones?" Lightning crashed outside, illuminating the entire laboratory. "Check."

And with that, the Saeco Incanto Sirius was born.

Okay, so the above may be a slightly over-dramatized version of the events that transpired that night (only that lone Saeco employee really knows...), but one thing is certain - everyone at Saeco knew they had something special on their hands with the Incanto Sirius.

One Sirius Display

Although it’s covered in a beautiful stainless steel housing, the first thing about the Incanto Sirius that 99.9% of people are intrigued by is its LCD display. Not only is it significantly larger than the displays found on comparable machines, it features... Read More
"The Saeco Incanto Sirius isn’t just a heart-stopping beauty with nothing below its stainless steel housing... "
What’s New at Whole Latte Love
FrancisFrancis! X6 Pod Espresso MachineFor Pod People -

Allow us to present 3 new reasons to take a look at pod-capable espresso machines: the Espressione Retro, Espressione Grace, and the FrancisFrancis! X6. Each of these machines provides the unbeatable convenience of pod brewing with the best flavor possible. Add in their modern styling and you have 3 machines that are as funky as they are functional.
Learn more by checking out the Espressione Retro, Espressione Grace & FrancisFrancis! X6 product detail pages.

Liven Up the Daily Grind - Baratza Virtuoso Burr Coffee Grinder

Building on the popularity of their Maestro grinders, the design team at Baratza has developed the Virtuoso - a stylish coffee grinder that can grind for French presses, espresso machines, and everything in between. The Virtuoso also has an anti-static device that prevents your grounds from flying around at will and a beautiful black and satin nickel finish that will impress your friends as much as your delicious coffee drinks.
Learn more by checking out the Baratza Virtuoso product detail page.

Super Auto Mayhem -

Saeco’s R&D department has been working overtime to introduce 3 new super autos to their line-up. This new line of super autos - including the budget-conscious Easy, the powerful Incanto Rondo, and the top-of-the-line Incanto Sirius - have been designed in the vain of the sleek and boxy Incanto Classic. Both the Easy and the Incanto Rondo feature metal housings while the Incanto Sirius boasts a stainless steel housing, and all 3 are so jam-packed with features, you’ll want to make sure you’re sitting down before you check them out.
Learn more about all of these Saeco Incanto machines by checking out the Saeco Super Automatic Espresso Machine page.

Our Cup Selection Overfloweth - Check out our new cups.

Looking for a new set of cups? You’ve just stumbled upon a goldmine - we’ve added 8 new styles to our selection. For you collectors out there, we now have the social consciousness-centered Illy Pistoletto Foundation Cups. 3 different Irish Coffee Mugs - Classic, Nouveau, and Stout - have also made their way to our website. And we’ve added crema-patterned Metropolitan Espresso Cups, funky Geometric Espresso Cups, Greek Isle-themed Mediterranean Espresso Cups, and Retreat Espresso Cups for your coffee haven. So no matter your style, you’re sure to find a set that will fit right into your home.

Learn more by checking out the Cups page.
Tsunami Update: Coffee co-ops going strong.
By Nicole Jones -

Aceh, one of the largest coffee producing regions of the world is beginning to rebuild - literally. Rebuild the infrastructure that caused the coffee co-ops to grind to a halt when the tsunami hit last year.Tsunami Update: Coffee co-ops going strong.

"If there was an effect the tsunami had," said Mike Ferguson, Chief Communications Officer for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) a California-based trade association, "it was on the infrastructure and getting coffee out of the country."

The highlands around Aceh produce about 40 percent of Indonesia’s premium Arabica coffee and 90 percent of the country’s Robusta crop. Because the tsunami floodwaters that killed an estimated 263,100 did not reach the highlands where the coffee cooperatives are located, the highlands weren’t impacted like the coastal region, according to Ian Diamondstone, a general manager at ForesTrade.

ForesTrade, a leading supplier of organic coffee in the United States, works in conjunction with farmers at the co-ops in the Aceh province. "People were really rallying together," he said. "For weeks after the tsunami, groups of farmers would travel together in a makeshift caravan down to the coast and ship their coffee." At one point after the tsunami, it took more than 20 hours to drive 180 miles because of the narrow roads, detours and... Read More

"For weeks after the tsunami, groups of farmers would travel together in a makeshift caravan down to the coast and ship their coffee."