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February 2006 Volume XXXI

Posted: 04/21/06
February 2006 Volume XXXI
Gaggia Achille: Spotlight!

Coffee Factoids.

Wear your Coffee - Without the Stains

One day, as they were sipping gourmet coffee drinks and giggling about imaginary flings with French waiters named Jean-Luc, 4 soccer moms from Chicago had an idea: printing their prissy coffeehouse orders on tee-shirts. Named Lattees, this little company produces shirts reading drink orders such as "extra hot double shot no whip nonfat mocha," "extra foamy pumpkin spice latte with nutmeg," and other such ostentatious requests that make you wonder if these women even know what real coffee looks like. Not to mention, they don’t make any of these shirts to your specifications, so if you’d like an "americano with half ’n’ half," too bad - you’re stuck with a "white chocolate raspberry latte with extra whip."


Gaggia Achille Lever Espresso Machine: Product Spotligth
Gaggia Achille Lever Espresso Machine: Product SpotligthWith its combination of old-world charm and new-age technology, the Gaggia Achille is a lesson in not judging a book by its cover. Although it may seem to be nothing more than the average lever machine with an exceptionally handsome exterior, a closer look reveals that it’s actually a high-powered overachiever that just happens to look like a million bucks.

New-Age Technology

What sets the Achille apart from its predecessors and current competitors makes it just as enticing as the things that are still the same. The first of these advancements is a heat exchanger boiler that allows you to go from brewing to steaming without waiting. The main portion of the boiler is filled through a screw-on cap located underneath the removable reservoir. In order to keep an eye on the water level in this portion of the machine, Gaggia has added a water level sight glass to the left side of the Achille. Just make sure the water level is between the 2 red bars on the sight glass and you’ll have constant steam pressure, as this part of the boiler is what supplies steam to the stainless steel Turbo frother mounted on the right side of the Achille. Water for brewing is actually pulled from the removable reservoir through the center of the steaming portion of the boiler. Here, it’s flash heated to the perfect temperature and then directed ... Read More
"When you purchase a machine like the Achille, you’re getting
espresso as it was when it was born and all the nostalgia that
goes along with it."
What’s New at Whole Latte Love
Drip, Drip, Drip -
Capresso MT500 Plus Drip Coffee Maker
2 new Capresso drip coffee makers are making their debuts at Whole Latte Love: the MT500 Plus and the ST600. Improving on Capresso’s original design, the MT500 Plus has all the goodies of the MT500 with even more brushed chrome on its exterior than before to provide a clean, polished look. Capresso is also about to roll out the ST600 - a stealthy-looking stainless steel drip coffee maker that brews at a consistent 200°F and boasts all the programming options you could want. Keep your eye out for the ST600 as it will be in stock shortly and check out the MT500 Plus now, as it’s already available for shipment straight to you.
Learn more by checking out the Capresso Coffee Maker page.

Espresso the Espressione Way

Espressione Espresso Machine If you’re looking for an espresso machine that’s versatile enough to brew with ground coffee and pods and is an overachiever in the looks department, Whole Latte Love offers 2 machines from Espressione that will be right up your alley. Available in a multitude of colors, both the Espressione Grace and Cafe Retro brew with ESE pods in addition to your standard ground coffee, and they do it in sleek, make-all-your-friends-jealous style.
Learn more by checking out the Espressione Espresso Machine page.

New Ways to Please your Palate

Ready to add a little variety to your daily coffee routine? Try changing the beans. We’ve addedWhole Latte Love’s - Exotic Coffee Sampler Package 3 new lines of coffee from roasters all around the country. Try one of Aloha Island’s pure Hawaiian Kona coffees and Kona blends if you’re in the mood for something tropical. If you prefer hardcore Seattle espresso, one of David Schomer’s Vivace Espressos may be just what you’re looking for. Our line of J Martinez Fine Coffees gives you the option of trying everything from a famed single estate Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to the mild, yet slightly spicy flavor that only an Indonesian coffee like their Monsooned Malabar can provide. And if they all sound good to you, you’re in luck - you can try a sampling of select coffees from these roasters in our Around the World, Exotic, Deluxe, Peaberry, and Vivace coffee sampler packages.
Learn more by checking out the Coffee & Espresso page.
Is that True? Dispelling common coffee myths.
By Nicole Jones -

n. (m th)

1. A popular belief, tradition or story that has become associated with a cultural idea
2. Fiction or half-truth

The other day my contractor, Mike, looked at me kind of bewildered as I scooped coffee out of the canister and dumped it into the grinder of my Gaggia Titanium. He said, "Hey, I thought you’re supposed to store that stuff in the refrigerator. Haven’t you heard that?" Convinced that his Maxwell House was staying fresh next to the Italian Dressing, I told him that was just a myth and coffee beans are actually best stored at room temperature in an airtight container. "Oh, okay," he said nonchalantly and continued on with his business. The mystery and intrigue surrounding all things coffee nowadays is growing way out of hand and it’s our job to try and set a few things straight. So here we go.

Is it true that coffee tastes best when it’s stored in the refrigerator?
The National Coffee Association suggests the best way for keeping a reasonably small amount of coffee fresh is Read More

"Remember, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Or was it half of what you hear and none of what you see. Either way, knowing is half the battle according to GI Joe."