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April 2006 Volume XXXIII

Posted: 04/24/06
April 2006 Volume XXXIII
What it Takes: Techniques of Top Baristas.
Coffee Factoids
Coke Blech - er Blak

Just as our crack news staff first reported in January of 2005, Coca Cola has finally rolled out their new Coke Blak in US test markets. The drink, which Coca Cola describes as a fusion of "Coke effervescence with coffee essence" has debuted to mixed reviews, which isn’t really surprising considering their tag line makes it sound like a cup of coffee with an Alka-Seltzer plopped in for good measure. Oh, if we were only so lucky. A review of Coke Blak’s ingredient list reveals that the closest thing to java in this soda is the 5 th most used component, "coffee extract", which barely beat out phosphoric acid, potassium sorbate, and potassium benzoate for its ranking.

And The Winner Is...
Ultimate Easter Basket Winner

We’re sending a big "congratulations" to the winner of our Ultimate Easter Basket contest, Sue Schinkel. She successfully followed all the clues in our Great Easter Egg Hunt and ended up winning herself over $200 in prizes, including Whole Latte Love apparel, whole bean coffee, a $100 Whole Latte Love gift certificate, and more! Congratulations again, Sue, and enjoy your prizes!

Ready to win your own free gifts? Read our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas article to find out how to win a Gaggia Titanium - compliments of Whole Latte Love!
What it Takes: Techniques of Top Baristas
By Nicole Jones -

What it Takes: Techniques of Top BaristasIn early April, skilled baristas from around the country poured into the Charlotte Convention Center hoping to pull a few perfect shots. Twelve to be exact - four straight shots of espresso, four cappuccinos and four original, signature drinks.

The United States Barista Competition is held once a year, and is sponsored by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and hosted by Krups. More than 60 baristas were involved in the competition this year according to Ted Lingle, Executive Director of the SCAA.

"Every year the baristas just keep getting better and better," he said. "And each year the competition gets more aggressive." The United States Barista Competition recognizes the skills and techniques of America’s best baristas and awards them with the highest honor anyone behind the counter could dream of - the coveted trophy, a $1,000 cash prize and an all expense paid trip to the World Barista Championship in Switzerland next month ... Read More
"Across Europe many people consider being a barista a career - not something to simply get through college. So we’ll just have to keep raising the bar."
Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Win the ultimate Mother’s Day gift: a Gaggia Titanium valued at $1299! Looking for ways to make this Mother’s Day super special? We’ve got more than a few great gifts - and even an amazing giveaway. From now until 05/03/06, anyone who places an order totaling $200 or more will automatically be entered into our Mother’s Day Giveaway, giving you the chance to win the ultimate Mother’s Day gift: a Gaggia Titanium valued at $1299! But there can only be one winner, so for those who may not be feeling lucky today, here are some alternate gift ideas that will make Mom just as happy.

Classy Cups

Perfect for the mother that likes practical things to be pretty too, we’ve got a great selection of designer cups that are sure to bring a smile to her face this Mother’s Day. Our Classic Coffee Rainbow Cappuccino Cup Set features 6 gold leaf-trimmed cups, each in a different, soothing pastel tone with matching saucers, and comes packaged in a yellow hatbox that’s perfect for displaying and storing the cups when they aren’t being used. And if the mother in your life likes collectibles, we also offer several lines of Ritzenhoff Collector Cups , including their My Little Darling espresso cups, Mia Cara latte macchiato glasses, and Amore Mio cappuccino cups. Each limited edition cup is designed by a well-known contemporary artist and comes in a display box that also gives the story of the cup and its creator ... Read More
" the ultimate Mother’s Day gift: a Gaggia Titanium valued at $1299!"
Coffee Recipes
By Sarah Ferguson -

With spring upon us, it’s time to get out of that hot beverage rut and spice up your caffeine intake with some cooler coffee concoctions. Whether it’s for a garden party, a wedding shower, or you’re just opening your pool for the season, these recipes are a tasty way to keep cool. So once you’re done packing away your winter clothes, head to the kitchen and get brewing!

Coffee Sorbet

Coffee SorbetThis easy recipe is perfect for a dessert or a simple afternoon pick-me-up.


4 cups strong brewed coffee (or about 16 double shots of espresso if you’re feeling adventurous.)
3/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp honey
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg

Add the sugar, honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg to a bowl. Slowly add the freshly brewed coffee and mix well until the dry ingredients are dissolved. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze until hard. After the coffee cubes are frozen, put them in a food processor and blend until you have a coffee slush. Serve immediately, or repack in a large container and let it sit overnight for a more solid treat. Top with whipped cream.

You can also use the coffee cubes for simple iced coffee - which won’t water down the final product like regular ice cubes - or blend the sorbet with some vanilla ice cream for a coffee flavored milk shake. Yum!

Recipe courtesy of

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"Hopefully these recipes have given you some ideas on how to jump-start your spring and have gotten your mouth watering."