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May 2006 Volume XXXIV

Posted: 07/11/06
Product Spotlight: Capresso Impressa F60.
Latte Art Contest
In last month’s newsletter we learned all about latte art and the various barista competitions held around the world. This month we’ve included the 12 Steps to Latte Art in our newsletter.

Now it’s your chance to enter and win – just send us a digital photo of your best latte art! There are three categories for all skill levels – beginners, intermediates and professionals.

First Place Prizes:

Beginner - David Schomer’s video Café Latte Art and a two pound bag of Lavazza Super Crèma!

Intermediate - Lavazza Sampler pack that includes six pounds of coffee and a set of Whole Latte Love mugs!

Professional - Fresh coffee for a year – with a bag of fresh coffee delivered each month!

Contest Rules
And The Winner Is...
Mother’s Day Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Jeffrey Bruce, winner of our Mother’s Day Giveaway and the proud owner of a new Gaggia Titanium, valued at $1299!

Want a chance to win your own prizes and see your name in print? Enter our Latte Art Contest today!
Product Spotlight: Capresso Impressa F60
By Adam Dean -

Product Spotlight: Capresso Impressa F60With the largest water reservoir of any super automatic we carry, and a dump box that holds up to 25 spent coffee pucks before it needs to be emptied, the F60 is the perfect machine for small offices. Yet, its stylish frame uses space so efficiently that you’d never guess it’s capable of making up to 80 cups of espresso without refilling the reservoir.

Of course, the F60 still has all of the great features you’ve come to expect from Capresso, including a range of adjustable settings so it can satisfy every coffee drinker in the office. Whether you plan on using it at home or for a business, the F60 is large enough to accommodate the different tastes of any number of coffee lovers. All of the Capresso F60’s features are designed around a 1-touch brewing system, which means your machine will grind, tamp, brew, rinse and more at the press of a button.

Walk Softly, and Carry a Lot of Espresso

When you first glance at this machine, you might not notice that it features a water reservoir that is twice as large as other Capresso F-series machines. The unit itself is only about an inch larger in each direction than other models, but the F60 manages much larger storage components without sacrificing any of the ingenuity you’ve come to expect from Capresso. The F60 features a redesigned, oversized drip tray and a powerful, 1450-watt stainless steel boiler to ensure...Read More
"Powerful enough to be used in small offices yet compact enough to compliment any home kitchen, the F60 manages to combine the best of both espresso worlds."

What it Takes: 12 Steps to Latte Art

By Nicole Jones -

Rosetta being pouredConsidered by coffee enthusiasts around the world as the crowning touch, latte art is steadily emerging as the ultimate ending to a perfectly prepared espresso drink. For many years, barista competitions were limited to simply skills and techniques, but as we learned from professional barista Chris Deferio in last month’s newsletter, latte art tournaments like the Millrock Latte Art Competition are becoming extremely competitive.

"Millrock itself is getting to be more and more prestigious," Deferio said regarding the competition in June. "It’s gaining in notoriety and is becoming a norm in the lexicon of the coffee professional."

This year’s Millrock Latte Art Competition will be held in Las Vegas and will once again test the best baristas in the United States not only on the visual aspects of their drinks, but also on the taste and aroma. A café latte finished with a free pour, as it is called in the world of latte art, is visually stunning and captures something incredibly special... Read More

Latte Art photos courtesy of tonx.
"Latte art is like the professional ethos of a barista," Deferio said. "Like a handshake after the deal is made."

Founding Fathers of Espresso
By Adam Dean -

Coffee has been a major part of our world history for over 1000 years, and as its popularity has expanded across the globe, its rituals have been embraced in different cultures. For generations, many countries have enjoyed unique varieties of coffee, but until the invention of the espresso machine, the full flavors of the coffee bean were widely undiscovered.

At the turn of the 20th century, coffee was becoming increasingly popular, but new demands for a more concentrated, higher quality cup of coffee were slowing the ongoing development of coffee bars. For coffee lovers worldwide, centuries of traditional brewing techniques were soon to be challenged by the rich textures of espresso that were about to be unlocked by its Italian forefathers.

An Early Coffee Uprising

On the subject of founding fathers, it’s a good time to point out the connection between the espresso revolution and another, more poignant caffeine conflict from our not-so-distant past. As the world’s 2nd most commonly traded commodity, the widespread popularity of coffee has sometimes caused it to be a part of political and social upheaval- and at no time more spectacular than during our early colonial strife. To truly appreciate the role that coffee has played in American culture, let’s rewind... Read More

Gaggia Esportazione

"Each of the espresso machine companies that were started by the 3 founding fathers still flourish today, and their tried and true creations are still considered the keystones of great espresso."