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Coffee Factoids 2011

Posted: 01/13/11

Coffee and chick peas

April Factoid: Love Coffee? It Might Be In Your DNA!

Coffee in DNAIt may not be lack of sleep or sheer habit that has you reaching for that cup of Joe. According to a new study published by PLoS Genetics, the love of coffee may just be in your DNA. After studying more than 47,000 subjects, researchers have found that those who carry a particular version of the CYP1A2 and AHR genes were more likely to be avid coffee drinkers. The CYP1A2 gene is responsible for metabolizing of caffeine and it is regulated by the AHR gene.

If you carry what geneticists call the "high-consumption" variation of either gene, you're likely to drink approximately 40mg more caffeine a day than those with the "low consumption" variant. This could translate to an extra 1/3 cup of coffee a day. Scientists theorize that those with the high-consumption gene metabolize caffeine at a faster rate and thus require the extra coffee, espresso or tea intake to maintain the effects of the caffeine.

March Factoid: California-Grown Coffee

California CoffeeThe nation's 31st state is definitely one of a kind; it's not unusual to drive down the freeway and see the Pacific Ocean on one side and lush hills on the other. Due to its unique terrain and Mediterranean climate, California is home to not only the famous orange groves but also a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables not commonly grown in the rest of the continental US, such as lychee, logan, and avocado. Now, some California farmers are starting to try their hands at growing coffee.

As coffee futures have risen on the trading floor, Santa Barbara's close-knit farming community has turned its attention to cultivating a healthy share of Arabica. Though only a few hundred pounds of beans have been harvested and the California Coffee Growers' Association has yet to be founded, the state is, thus far, the only region in the mainland US where coffee is being cultivated. The fruits of the first Californian harvests have recently gone on sale. Early reports note that the roasting process still needs to be refined; however, the prospects of California coffee seem promising.


February Factoid: Bathe In Coffee

Coffee on faceWhole Latte Love fans are obviously devoted to their coffee and espresso, but enough to soak in it? Japanese mega-spa Hakone Kowakien Yunessuni certainly hopes so. At the resort, there are 25 eccentric baths to choose from including coffee, tea, wine and sake spas. The coffee spa is said to rejuvenate the skin, reduce stress and eliminate fatigue. So, we're back to the original question...Are you willing to bathe in a coffee bath?




January Factoid: Coffee Relieves Asthma Symptoms

cup of coffee For people suffering from asthma, coffee could be a home remedy worth considering. One of the byproducts of a cup of Joe, theophylline, is a common ingredient in asthma medication. A clinical study, conducted by the Cochran Database of Systematic Reviews, has found that caffeine can help improve airway functions for up to four hours. In fact, less than one cup of coffee could booster lung function for up to two hours. While the effects of java aren't significant enough to compare to prescription medication, the findings are certainly food for thought.






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