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Coffee Kids: Change We Can Toast To

Posted: 06/19/09

Coffee Kids - Grounds For Hope"Grounds for hope" is the slogan under which Coffee Kids operates and for over 20 years, the organization has been delivering just that.

The brainchild of Bill Fishbein, a celebrated roaster from Providence, RI, Coffee Kids, like so many non-profits, has humble roots. While visiting Guatemala in the late 80s, Fishbein came face-to-face with the poverty that has become a common way of life for many coffee farmers. It would probably be safe to say that he was essentially shocked into action and a charity was born.

It is estimated that more than 125 million men, women, and children are financially reliant on coffee crops. However, farmers have long struggled to make ends meet—with some being paid as little as four cents per pound of coffee. This is where Coffee Kids steps in. The organization is dedicated to helping impoverished farming families improve their quality of life through collaborative community-oriented programs. Coffee kids engages in four types of projects, designed to address the needs of underserved farming populations around the world.

Community-Based Initiatives
The organization is involved in diverse projects designed to improve the affordability and nutrition value of foods available to Mexican farmers and their families. Coffee kids currently helps the local population raise chickens and oysters and create sustainable vegetable gardens. In addition, the non-profit also supports Guatemalan literacy and biodiesel initiatives.

Projects that provide scholarships and grants to supply and repair schools have enabled thousands of children get a proper education in Peru and Guatemala.

Coffee Kids - Grounds For HopeHealth Care
The health outreach programs, funded by Coffee Kids, is engaged helping women living in rural Peruvian, Guatemalan, and Mexican communities learn to treat everyday illnesses with natural remedies. The initiative also encourages these women to teach others to prevent illness and provide care for expectant and new mothers as well as their children.

Micro-credit, or small loans, designed to encourage entrepreneurship, has helped more than 4,000 women start their own businesses in Nicaragua and Mexico. These businesses have been crucial to the livelihood of the local population.

Since its inception, Coffee Kids has delivered more than $4 million to underserved farming communities worldwide. Its mission is supported by business and individual donations, for more information on how you can get involved, visit