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Coffee University - Back To School

Posted: 08/29/11

With summer wrapping up, the back-to-school season is in full swing. If you know someone heading back to school or are campus bound yourself, be sure to check out our newest products for a productive school year. Coffee, after all, is the perfect way to get back in the swing of things—early morning classes, late-night cram sessions and all. So, without further delay let’s take a look at our newest back-to-school products.

Some colleges and universities do not allow students to have coffee makers and espresso machines in their dorm rooms. This is especially problematic for incoming freshmen, who may need a strong cup of Joe to get going in the morning, as they adjust to a full-time college schedule. Trekking across campus for a cup of coffee every morning is probably not ideal. The solution? A hand-powered coffee and espresso maker.

The AeroPress re-imagines the classic French press and makes great tasting coffee without using an ounce of electricity. Refreshingly low-tech, this manual coffee and espresso maker produces remarkable results. Using two copolyster cylinders and a heavy-duty rubber seal, the AeroPress creates an airtight brewing environment that encourages flavor and aroma preservation for better tasting drinks. Best of all, it features micro-filters to ensure that drinks are crisp and sediment free. It only takes 30 seconds to prepare a fresh cup of Joe, so students won’t be late to class waiting for the coffee to brew.

Students lucky enough to have their own coffee center, or those who share one with roommates, are bound to need a little help keeping things organized. As single-serve machines become more and more popular with the college crowd, our latest finds are must-have accessories.

Keurig K-Cup CarouselNespresso, Keurig, Bosch Tassimo and Krups all have their own dedicated storage solutions. If your student is a Keurig fan, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of options to choose from including carousels, drawers and baskets. Light coffee drinkers can probably make do with the space-saving Keurig Mini Carousel, capable of holding up to 18 K-Cups. Otherwise, turn to the 27, 28 or 35 K-Cup Carousels to keep things in order. Students sharing a Keurig single-serve machine would probably be best served by the 54 K-Cup Drawer, which has three pull out drawers to cater to different users.

Bosch Tassimo fans can take advantage of the chrome-plated brass carousel to house up to 40 T-Discs. Nespresso users should turn to the Nespresso Capsule Carousel to keep up to 40 single-serve capsules organized.

Not looking for a brand-specific storage solution? Give your student the flexibility of storing multiple capsules, cartridges, K-Cups, or T-Discs with the Set of Two Single-Serve Stacking Baskets and Single-Serve Utility Baskets. The utility baskets have a fine mesh, while the stacking baskets feature larger openings. Both of these baskets can be stacked and hold up to 10 pounds each. They make great kitchen accessories for the busy college student.

Stirling SyrupStirling Syrups
College is all about owning your individuality. Many students are on their own for the very first time and jump that the chance to make something that unique theirs. Encourage creativity and creation with Stirling flavored syrups. Super affordable, at only $7.99 a bottle, these syrups are available in original and sugar-free formulas. There are 7 flavored syrups to choose from with the sugar-free version. Opt for the regular gourmet formula and you choose from 16 unique flavors including: Italian Amaretto, Peppermint Shnapps, French Vanilla, Crème Caramel, Pumpkin Spice and even Banana-flavored syrups. Send your student a few flavored syrups and the links to our recipe videos and s/he will be the toast of the campus!

Designed to make the transition from a lazy summer to a productive school year easier, all of these products should be on your back-to-school shopping list.