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A Cup Of Joe Around The World - Coffee Costs

Posted: 09/21/09

A Cup Of The WorldWhen I spent a month in Vietnam this summer, I was shocked and delighted to discover that I could get my java on for roughly 50 cents a cup. Which got me wondering, how much your typical cup of coffee, the world's second most traded commodity, sells for in other countries.

The average price for a cup of brewed coffee in NYC is $3.75; let's see how The Big Apple stacks up to other cities around the world....


Russia Moscow, Russia
According to Forbes and Mercer consulting firm, the former Soviet Union is now home to the priciest coffee on Earth. Visit Moscow and you'll be parting with a whopping $10.19 for that morning coffee!
France Paris, France
Want to wander the Champs-Élysées or marvel at the Eiffel Tower, coffee in hand? That’ll be $6.77, s'il vous plaît. France holds the silver medal for having the second most expensive coffee in the world.
Germany Berlin, Germany
President Kennedy might have thought twice before speaking that famous phrase, "Ich bin ein Berliner," if he knew he'd have to shell out $5.15 for his morning coffee.
Greece Athens, Greece
The third most expensive java can be found in the lovely city of Athens. This Greek metropolis charges, on average, $6.62 for a cup of Joe.
Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thinking of visiting this South American city? Thankfully, the cost of coffee is quite reasonable; with an average of $2.03 per cup, Buenos Aires won’t leave you with an empty wallet.
Japan Tokyo, Japan
According to Mercer's Cost of Living Survey, Japan is the priciest city on Earth. I have a feeling, at $5.04 the cost of their coffee is a contributing factor.
China Beijing, China
As host of the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing probably made a tidy profit on its $6.28 coffee.
South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
I love African coffees. At $2.36 a pop, Jo'burg's java is still affordable.

I sure hope some of these folks are brewing their own coffee at home, especially the Moscovites paying an arm and a leg for a little java. A penny for your thoughts…I’d offer a cup of Joe for your opinion, but not at these prices! If you’ve done some traveling recently, feel free to contribute to this inconclusive list. What’s the most outrageous price tag you’ve seen on a cup of coffee?