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Espresso Machines Gone Wild

Posted: 05/24/11

Here's your chance to catch up on the latest lineup of unique, strange and utterly unbelievable espresso machines. While I can't speak for their brewing and frothing capabilities, these machines will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Linje Espresso Machine Earthy Espresso
While most espresso machines are made of ABS plastic or stainless steel, the Linje espresso maker prototype features a wooden frame. Created by three Norwegian design students, this earthy espresso machine is said to represent a "Nordic approach to coffee." The Linje is made of 1.5cm thick planks of Populus wood—which includes poplar, aspen and cottonwood species—layered together to create the machine's shape.
Tuvie Four-Legged Espresso
Israeli Designer Dror Goldblum's concept Nespresso machine may have taken a few cues from man's best friend. Standing on all fours, this espresso maker has a cylinder-shaped body that houses a water reservoir and accommodates single-serve capsules. Dubbed the "Espresso on Four Legs," this machine has a minimalist design that is also evident in its controls. There are only two buttons to choose from, one for a single and the other for double espresso.
Vespeo Vespeo Espresso
What do you get when you cross a scooter and an espresso machine? The Vespeo Espresso Machine, of course. Created by German industrial designer Stefan Radev, the Vespeo has a unique display that bears a striking resemblance to a speedometer. This intelligent espresso machine will actually give you the proper water, coffee and steam ratio for your beverages.

These are the latest and greatest concept espresso machines to make their debut. Which one would you most like to have on your kitchen counter? If you've encountered an out-of-this world espresso machine, feel free to share; post a comment below.