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Holiday Buying Guide 2007 - Reindeer Games

Posted: 12/10/07

Ho, ho, ho: Gift Giving on the North Pole

Santa’s reindeer work just one night of the year, but they work hard enough in those hours to merit a year’s worth of gifts! “This Christmas would be one when the reindeer and elves get all the presents they deserve,” Santa decided as he sat sipping an Italian macchiato brewed on his brother Fred’s DeLonghi Gran Dama. As a friend and leader to the elves and reindeer, Santa wanted to reward them with special gifts as a way to show his appreciation for all the hard work they did. And was the perfect place to buy gifts without a hassle.

But where to start? First, a gift for everyone to enjoy. Santa picked up a Keurig B70, ready to brew single servings of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. Just because people live or work together doesn’t mean they’ll always want the same drink! Santa realized this kind of variety was exactly what he needed, as he browsed through over 150 different K-cup flavors. And how quickly it brewed, too!

The Keurig was a sensible gift that he knew they’d appreciate, especially on those early, still-dark winter mornings. But for when it was time to relax – when all the presents were wrapped, and dinner was finished – they needed something more. A Bonjour Chocolate Dipping Set was something that everyone would enjoy, and with the multitude of stainless steel dipping forks included they’d have room for everyone. To go along with it, the intricately designed Rosanna Red Velvet Mugs and Rosanna Red Velvet Dessert Plates would be perfect to eat off of, and bring a splash of color.

Santa sat down and began his list.

The Reindeer Team

Dasher moves quickly and leads the reindeer team, so Santa wanted something that would keep the speedster caffeinated. The Lavazza Blue 2210 has two boilers to move quickly between brewing and steaming – just the thing for old Dasher! Dasher’s partner, Dancer makes pulling a sleigh full of presents look graceful and easy, the same way the sophisticated and modern design of the fully automatic Saeco Talea Ring Plus makes frothing, brewing, and steaming easy by doing all of it automatically.

Santa knew that Prancer didn’t care about any bells or whistles. The Cuisinart Coffee On Demand is housed in durable stainless steel and brews drip coffee into Prancer’s Bodum Canteen Double Wall Mugs, so there are no frills for a frugal reindeer like Prancer to snub.

Prancer’s partner Vixen isn’t quite so easy to please – with a name like Vixen there’s no room for error. The Gaggia Titanium Plus is more than an espresso machine – it’s a fully automatic coffee center, housed in durable steel and complete with a Rapid Steam system, stainless steel turbo frother, and an easy to read LCD screen. This lavish machine would spoil her a bit, but isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

The bright red of those plates made Santa think of Cupid, who always stood right behind Vixen. What better mug for Cupid than the Loveramics Matchbox Cups, designed with love (and ceramics) in mind? To brew espresso for those cups, Santa decided on the Expobar Athenea Lever semi-automatic. The eagle perched upon it reminded him of reindeer antlers, and the gorgeous copper housing would brighten up Cupid’s kitchen.

Comet, Cupid’s best pal, is named for a solar entity that flies alone. For independent Comet, a machine that did the work for him would be a drag, not a luxury. The Pasquini Livietta and Lux Grinder Pack would let Comet have control over tamping pressure, grind setting, amount of grounds per shot, and learning how to froth and brew. This gift from Santa would let Comet have the ultimate control over his drinks – and bring his own spark of wonder to them.

The names Donner and Blitzen come from the German words for “Thunder” and “Lightening.” The two aren’t named for their gift of flight, but after their legendary morning tempers. Donner and Blitzen love to see who can drink more red-eyes, a shot of espresso in a cup of drip coffee. Well, if they’re going to drink beverages like that, Santa decided, then it might as well be high quality espresso in high quality drip coffee. The Technivorm Clubline 741 Thermo Coffee Maker brews drip coffee at 200°F, perfect to preserve all the flavors and nuances of coffee. And the Gaggia Baby Twin semi-automatic espresso machine is designed with a dual boiler system, eliminating downtime between brewing and steaming. Finally, Santa picked out a Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder, which holds almost 3 lbs of beans, and could grind finely for espresso, or coarser for their drip coffee – just the thing to keep up with those two!

Santa paused, looking at the gifts for Donner and Blitzen again. He wondered if this present would be his downfall – after all, how much caffeine could one reindeer take?

Last but not least, Rudolph. Santa knew he wanted to make Rudolph feel special – he had to give Rudolph an espresso machine that was different from the others. Santa thought about Rudolph’s glowing nose and how it reminded him of the bright red FrancisFrancis! Trio Pod. And the Trio's small size would show Rudolph once again that you don’t have to be big to do things well.

That Special Something Else …

He still needed to get a gift for Mrs. Claus, and honestly, he was feeling a bit sad that no one ever bothered to get him any Christmas gifts. He couldn’t wait for December 26th, when he and Mrs. Claus would get a chance to sit by the fire, sip hot cocoa and watch the snowfall. At once, Santa knew what to get to make that picture complete. Since Mrs. Claus was getting tired of powdered hot cocoa, Santa bought a Bonjour Hot Chocolate Pot and Frother to warm up the milk, and a bottle of Monin Dark Chocolate Syrup. He couldn’t resist picking up one more thing for her – a Capresso Stainless Steel Thermal Vacuum Bullet to keep cocoa warm when they ventured out to sled and ski. In case it didn’t snow, Santa bought a Teaposy Snow Dance Gift Set, which uses petals and tea to create a gorgeous display reminiscent of a snowfall.

Santa smiled to himself as he thought about all the wonderful gifts he was about to buy for the people he loved. Giving was more than just his duty; it was his passion. And there’s nothing better in the world than giving to the people you care about. Lost in reverie, a knock sounded on the door. Who could it be?

“SURPRISE!” yelled the elves, Mrs. Claus, and all nine reindeer.

“We wanted to give you a gift to thank you for working so hard,” Rudolph said. “We all pitched in to get you a Saeco Odea Go super automatic espresso machine.”

“But it looks like something from the future,” Santa replied. “Are you sure I’ll be able to …”

“Of course!” said Mrs. Claus. “The controls are simple to use – even for someone like you, who never figured out how to work the VCR.”

Santa smiled. Surrounded by his friends and family, he pictured their evenings together, drinking coffee, watching the snowfall, and planning for each joyful Christmas ahead. “What are we waiting for?” he said with a jolly laugh. “Let’s have some coffee.”

* * *

Even if you don’t have as many gift-giving responsibilities as Santa, Whole Latte Love can be a big help! Our sales team is working extra holiday hours so you can be sure to get the answers to the questions you need, and we have a range of coffee makers, espresso machines, grinders, and accessories sure to please any of your friends. So sit back and relax in the holiday spirit as you indulge in a wonderful cup of coffee, surrounded by the ones you love.