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Take the Green Pledge

Posted: 01/20/08

Going Green

It's pretty clear there's a need to reduce energy consumption. That's why at the beginning of the 2008 we took the Whole Latte Love™ Going Green Pledge. It's an exciting approach to reducing the carbon footprint here at our facility.

We've reduced office waste by using two-sided photocopies whenever possible, we've created a better in-house recycling center and we've reduced energy consumption by replacing outdated light bulbs on our sales floor with the most efficient bulbs possible. We've also joined the Rochester Green Business Network, a network of local businesses and organizations that share a mutual concern for the environment.

We're reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and are protecting the health of our planet through simple energy saving steps. If this is as important to you as it is to us, please join the Whole Latte Love™ team and take the pledge.

We're passionate about our planet and we hope you are too. Look for helpful hints or Planet Points on our site on how you can go, and stay green.

It's easy to pledge. It's easy to make a difference. Do it today!