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Holiday Travel And Your Espresso

Posted: 12/08/10

It may be the happiest time of the year, but this is also a busy travel season. Chances are, you or your loved ones will be taking to the roads, rails and skies in advance of the holiday celebrations. As always, good coffee and espresso can be hard to find when you're on the go. But, don't leave it to the roll of the dice this year, pack the following items in your suitcase and you won't have to be in the mercy of others when the need for a good beverage strikes.

Bodum Travel Presses in Black, Green, Off White, Orange, and RedBodum Travel Press
The Bodum Travel Press is an ingenious combination of a travel mug and French Press. It will let you prepare coffee or loose-leaf tea and drink without having to switch from press to cup. The Bodum Travel Press comes in green, white, orange and you'll be able to match it to your luggage for a stylish ensemble.


Handpresso Wild and Domepod Handpresso Wild Hybrid
The Handpresso Wild Hybrid let's you brew authentic espresso on the go. This hand-held espresso maker needs no batteries to operate, so it's perfect for frequent travelers. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid can use both ground coffee and ESE pods.


H2O Pro from CapressoHot Water Kettles
If your holiday trip involves a hotel stay, consider taking along the Capresso H20 Pro Programmable Cordless Kettle. Great for the entire family, this electric kettle will let you make hot water for coffee, tea or even hot chocolate for the little ones. The Capresso H20 Pro has 11 variable temperature settings and a large 56oz capacity so you'll brew enough for the entire family!


Teaposy L'amour Gift SetGourmet Tea
There's nothing like a cup of warm tea to calm down a hectic trip. Travel-friendly Te Teas and Teaposy sachets are the perfect treat for a long trip. Take a time out with one of Te Teas' unique concoctions including Peppermint Chamomile Jazz, Rooibos Mandarin Twist, Black Velvet Chai, South Pacific Green Tea and more. If you're one to indulge in a blooming tea at home, be sure to check out The Teaposy Concert Series. The elegant flavors and aromas of blooming teas have been preserved in nylon sachets that can be easily packed into carry-on luggage. Teaposy Concert Series sachets are available in Concerto, Duet, Sonata and Symphony blends.

It doesn't matter if you're packing gloves and sweaters or a bathing suit and sun block for your next trip, be sure to make room for these must-have travel companions. Travel with the comforts of home and delicious espresso, coffee and tea to boot.