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The Amazing Adventures of Java Joe!

Posted: 08/20/03

In 1978, Java Joe Palozzi began coffee farming on the Big Island Hawaii. Joe had taken an interest in the perils of the America coffee industry after learning they were in danger of becoming extinct due to macadamia nut production. Moving to Hawaii and revitalizing the coffee market sounded like an adventure.

on the farmThrough proper pruning and fertilization Joe was able to reclaim an abandoned coffee farm and begin producing fine quality coffee. He stayed on his little farm for eight years with no electricity or hot water. Early on at his coffee farm in Hawaii Java Joe spotted something in the corner of his farm underneath some overgrown weeds. He took a machete and cropped back the growth to reveal an old turn-of-the-century roaster. The roaster used a direct flame method that is vastly different from today’s commercial roasters that "bake" with a circulated hot-air method. This new find actually roasted quickly – not baked – the coffee beans. The benefits have only to be tasted to be believed.

Building the roasterIn the 1980s Palozzi left Hawaii for his hometown of Rochester, New York, and was re-born as "Java Joe." Sadly, he could not move the old roaster. He sketched plans of the roaster and it’s parts before leaving Hawaii, and upon returning he worked with a machinist to duplicate it.

Java Joe'sJava Joe opened a roasting facility at Rochester’s historic Public Market in 1989. In 1992 he opened the first premium coffee shop in the area – Java Joe’s on Gibbs Street. Java Joe’s soon became a magnet for the local student population from the nearby Eastman School of Music, as well as the small but growing number of aficionados. Customers soon warmed to the concept of the world’s finest coffees hand roasted in small batches accompanied by running commentary from an enthusiastic owner. Joe became known for serving customers with biting quips and unique coinages. One of Java’s favorite ways to testify to a coffee’s quality was to pronounce it "the true maloo," a phrase whose origin – and spelling – have baffled his followers for years.

At Java Joe’s we focus on quality, not a bottom line. Today Java Joe still operates a café and roasting facility located at the historic Public Market. He remains dedicated to producing the best coffee available. Each month he continues to personally select the top tasting Arabica beans from the finest estates in the growing regions of Central and South America, East Africa and Asia. Joe is still personally involved in every stage of production. "The proof is in the taste," says Palozzi, "our coffees are better - by a mile."

From us, to you: a personal note from Java JoeJoe
Almost 30 years ago, I began coffee farming in Hawaii. For the past 30 years, coffee to us has been a lot more than another cash crop. I am deeply involved in the creation of our coffees, and have been committed to producing the best coffee in the world since 1975 when I started a small coffee farm in Hawaii.

I still prefer to roast coffee the way I first learned on the Big Island of Hawaii: by hand–in small batches–using only the finest beans I could find.

Every café and shop I’ve run has been a shrine to micro-roasted coffee. Our current roasting facility located at the historic Public Market in Rochester, NY, is no exception.

We’re convinced that once anyone has tasted our coffee - they’ll wonder why coffee never tasted so good before. We take great pride in it and our work, and personally guarantee you will enjoy every cup.

You have my word.
Java Joe

Welcome to the World of Java!
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