Ignite Your Passion With Java-Log!
By: Karen Bennett, Robustion Products Inc.

One of the coolest inventions of the year 2003 as declared by Time Magazine is sweeping across North America. Now you can not only drink coffee but also burn it with the new Java-Log, the world’s first and only fire-log made out of recycled coffee grounds.

When Time Magazine compared the Java-Log to the market leader, they had no hesitations in concluding that The Java-Log ignited more quickly and produced taller, prettier flames.

It was no wonder that Ellen Degeneres took a keen interest in the Java-Log and liked it so much she showcased the product and gave free samples to all of her audience members during a December 2003 live taping of her show.

The concept of the Java-Log began in a Paris apartment, where inventor Rod Sprules flipped through his idea book one day and noticed that coffee had better burning attributes than wood. The weeks that followed were rich with experimentations. After successfully burning his first homemade Java-Log (a cigar tube filled with his coffee grounds mixture), he decided to make loaves of Java-Logs for friends to try. The outcome involved awe-inspired reactions after his friends experienced the amazing burning attributes of these mini Java-Logs. Friends and family loved that there was no chemical smell but instead a faint sweet aroma, a beautiful flame, and burned cleaner than traditional wood. Today, Java-Logs have come a long way from that small Paris apartment, as they are now enjoyed all across North America.

What exactly is a Java-Log?

Java-Logs are a premium fire log made from 100% recycled coffee grounds mixed with wax and molasses. It burns for up to three hours, producing higher, brighter, and more consistent flames than current fire-logs while releasing a faint, sweet aroma, but most importantly no chemical scent. The log also produces 25 per cent more energy, reduced CO2 emission, 80% less soot build-up and creates more than three times the flame capacity than a unit of wood.

How are these manufactured?

Java-Logs are manufactured at a large plant in Ottawa, Canada. Spent coffee grounds are collected from a Nestle instant coffee plant located just minutes from Ottawa. They are brought to the plant, dried, mixed, compressed into logs, cut, individually packaged, and stored in the on-site warehouse until shipment. Java-Log has recently entered web e-tailing by partnering with to offer customers U.S wide access to the product. During Java-Log’s first week on-line there was an overwhelming demand for their product and an instant sell-out. For more information about Robustion Products Inc. and the Java-Log please visit us! To purchase online see Whole Latte Love’s Java-Log page.

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