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Go with the Flow: Cleaning Your Capresso/Jura to Keep a Good Coffee Flow

Posted: 08/20/03

Have you ever had the coffee flow on your Capresso or Jura super automatic machine slow down to a dribble? How about having the display telling you to open the “Tap”(steam knob)? If you have, then you understand the stress and panic that can set in when the morning cappuccino is at risk. The sun may be shining with birds singing, but if the espresso machine goes down, its all for naught. The normal first reaction is to go right for the instruction manual, pull out a cleaning tablet, and run the machine through a cleaning cycle. Before you go through this trouble, try cleaning it by hand. This is a simple and quick process that cleans off the shower screen that gets pressed up against the coffee. Every once in a while, coffee can get stuck on this screen and inhibits the proper water flow through the coffee. This slow flow reduces the amount of water that goes through the boiler and causes it to heat up to a higher temperature than it would if the water was flowing through at the normal speed. The machine senses this higher temperature and prompts you to go through the same process that you would when cooling the boiler down from steam temperature to brew temperature. This slow flow combined with the old coffee on the shower screen can also make the espresso bitter.

There are many machines that we are addressing here, and they fall into two different styles. The instructions for cleaning them are the same, but locating the parts you have to clean are a little bit different.

Style A:
Capresso: C1000, C1500
Jura: E50, E55,E70 & E75
Jura-Capresso: F9

Capresso C1500

Style B:
Capresso: C2000 & C3000
Jura: S90
Jura-Capresso: S9, S8 & S7

Capresso Jura S9


  1. Turn off the main power switch and let it run through any shut down cycle that it may go through.
  2. Unplug the machine.
  3. Pull out the drip tray and dump box.
  4. Look inside the machine and you will see a plastic flap hanging down. If you pull on this flap, you will see that it is spring loaded.
      4a. If your machine is Style A then the flap will be positioned in front of you. You will want to cup your hand and place it straight into the machine to locate the shower screen.
      4b. If your machine is Style B then the flap will be positioned to the side. You will want to cup your hand and place it sideways into the machine to locate the shower screen.
  5. Put your fingers at the bottom edge of this flap.
  6. Without pulling on the flap, move your fingers straight up behind the flap until your fingers bump into a round disc pointing down. This disc is the shower screen and will probably be covered with wet coffee.
  7. Take a wet paper towel, one that won’t leave lint or pieces behind, and clean this disc and its surrounding area. Wipe the disc as many times as necessary to clean it.
  8. Put the drip tray and dump box back in. Plug it in and turn it on.
  9. Push the rinse button (you may want to rinse it twice).
  10. You should now be ready to start brewing again.
  11. If this does not solve the problem, run a cleaning cycle according to the machines instructions.
  12. If none of this works, please call the manufacturer.
    Jura: 877.587.2872 Capresso: 800.767.3554
If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.