Jura Capresso S9, S8 & S7

Have you noticed that the Capresso C3000 and Jura S90 are virtually impossible to get? Well, there is a good reason. They have been replaced by the Jura Capresso S9, S8, and S7. They all look and operate similarly, but there are a few key differences. All of these machines give you three programmable single cup buttons plus two double cup buttons that are automatically adjusted. You can adjust the amount of coffee and water for each single cup button. The double cup button automatically doubles the coffee and the water amount of the single cup button to the left. The panel used for programming is discretely placed behind a door located near the bottom on the left side of the machine. Programming with these machines goes way beyond coffee and water amounts.

You can:
· Enter the time of day
· Select a time for the machine to turn on
· Select the economy mode time
· Select the turn off time
· Program the water hardness
· Select the language to be used on the display
· Program the steaming portion (for frothing/steaming)
· Program the tea portion (for hot water dispenser/tea)

You will also be able to tell how many cups you have made with the cup counter. That part of the menu is for information only and cannot be reset or manipulated. Another great feature they all have is a very fast heat up time between brewing and steaming. It takes 15 to 20 seconds to go up to steam temperature. When you are done steaming you do not have to cool it back down. That makes the process go much quicker.

The S8 and S7 look just like the rest of family except the S8 is Platinum and the S7 is Black. Both of them have the same standard features mentioned above. Just like the other Jura/Capresso machines the Claris Water Filtration system and hot rinse cycle are available to help you maintain the machine. The “Dual-Frother-Plus” frothing attachment comes as the standard frothing device. It is very simple to use. There are two different positions. To get a good froth the wand is in the down position. To heat up and steam your milk you move it to the upper position. There has been mention of an automatic frothing system being available, but right now we don’t have pricing or availability information.

The S9 is the top-of-the-line JuraCapresso Machine. It is a bronze metallic color and has a light over the brewing area that automatically comes on when you brew. Once again, you get all of those standard features listed. You also get the option of frothing the milk yourself or having the machine do it all for you. The “Dual-Frother-Plus” allows you to froth the milk yourself. The “FrothXpress Plus” froths the milk for you. There are two different ways of automatically frothing your milk: using the milk container or the flexible hose. The milk container gets filled with milk and connected to the machine. The flexible hose gets attached to the machine at one end and then the other end goes into a container of milk. Both systems have a knob on the plastic attachment that can be used to adjust the flow of the milk. When the knob is at the top of the dial it is frothing and heating. As you turn the knob toward the middle you are restricting the flow of water and adding much more heat to the milk. If you just want steamed milk with no froth you start at the bottom of the dial. To get the milk hotter you turn the dial up toward the center. With a little practice you can get excellent frothed milk no matter how you decide to froth.

All three of these machines come with a one year limited home use warranty and a six month limited light-commercial warranty. They will all give you the same tasting espresso, so between them it comes down to color and which kind of frothing you prefer to do. All of them are highly recommended and popular. Check them out on the web site: S9, S8, S7.

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