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Wakey Wakey, All You Artists!

Posted: 01/20/09

Whole Latte Love Signature Coffee Family: Monaco, Reflection, Ethereal, Unconditional, and Buzzopolis

Whole Latte Love is calling on all artists to enter our "Wakey Wakey" Coffee Label Art contest. We are launching a new breakfast blend coffee to join the family of coffees we currently sell, and need artwork for our label. Pastels, oils, watercolor, computer generated, photography, paper art, sculpture; submit as many masterpieces as you like. The new coffee is called "Wakey Wakey"— a breakfast blend composed of a post roast made of the following varietals: Colombian Excelso (well balanced, medium bodied, and bright), Nicaraguan SHB (a medium body coffee with low acidity) and Brazilian Bourbon (harvested from the highlands of Brazil, famous for its mild, soft, sweet, beautiful cup.). The coffees are roasted separately and blended after the roasting process for a more complex flavor profile.

Gaggia ClassicThe contest, which has been extended through March 25, is open to everyone in the continental United States. The grand prize winner will receive a Gaggia Classic espresso machine! Entries must be submitted by 6:00 p.m. (ET) March 25, 2009. So get your creative juices flowing and pick up your brush, mouse, pen, pencil, crayons or whichever medium suits you best! For more information, visit