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Lotsa Lavazza for the Holidays

Posted: 10/28/04

espresso brewing We all know that Lavazza is to coffee what Gucci is to couture. Italian and fabulous. Our selection of Premium Lavazza Coffee is always expanding, and we now offer even more choices just in time for your holiday entertaining needs. Our Lavazza product line includes a range of blends and roasts for any occasion.

By the Bean

In the whole bean category, we proudly present Crema e Aroma - a dark roast that provides drinkers with a strong, intense, lingering flavor experience - in the 2.2 lb bag.

By the Brick

For pre-ground convenience, try an 8.8 oz brick of the light roast Qualita Rossa which is a velvety blend of Brazilian Arabica and African Robusta beans, or the dark roasted Crema e Gusto which is a blend of Indian and Brazilian beans that produce an almost chocolaty undertone in its flavor.
By the Can

If you prefer your pre-ground espresso by the 8-ounce can, we now carry Cafe Espresso, a medium roast 100% Arabica blend that produces a smooth taste and outstanding aroma. For those who want a decaf without sacrificing any of the taste or aroma we so love in its caffeinated counterparts, we offer Espresso Decaffeinato. This coffee is water-processed to retain the full bodied taste of its Central American and Brazilian Arabica beans.

No one is left off our list this holiday season, including those among us who prefer coffee makers to espresso machines. For you we introduce Lavazza Premium Drip, a blend of light roasted Arabica beans from Central America, Kenya, and Tanzania, pre-ground and packaged in a 10-ounce can.

By the Bunch

Okay, okay, we know - like potato chips - it’s hard to have just one. That’s why we’ve put together several variety packs so you can try different types of Lavazza coffee and save money to boot (a little Italian humor there). In addition to our individual whole bean blends, we’ve combined a Lavazza Sampler Pack - one 2.2-lb bag of Lavazza Pienaroma, one 2.2-lb bag of Lavazza Top Class and one 2.2-lb bag of Lavazza Grand Espresso. And, on top of that, we’ve put together three new variety packs for your drinking diversity.

If pre-ground brick is your thing, try our "All Shades of Roast" Sampler pack. This includes one 8.8-ounce brick of the light rLavazza varietyoast Qualita Rossa, the medium roast Il Perfetto and the dark roast Crema e Gusto.

If you’re looking for fulfilling coffee without the high voltage after effect try our "DeCaf Pack." This is two 8-ounce cans of ground Espresso Decaffeinato and a 1.1-lb bag of Dek Ground Decaf - the 100% Arabica blend known for its distinct aroma and rich crema.

And rounding out this sampler soiree is the "Entertainer’s Pack" a perfect pairing of coffees and caffeine levels to accommodate all your holiday guests. Included are two 8.8-ounce bricks of the ground Qualita Rossa, one 2.2-pound bag of the whole bean Crema e Aroma, and one 1.1-pound bag of the Dek Decaf Whole Bean.

So whether you’re looking to adventure into new tastes this season, or simply stocking up for the onslaught of merry makers sure to show up at your doorstep, do your holiday coffee the way the Italians do theirs. With Lavazza.