The Mazzer Behind the Myth

For over 50 years, Mazzer’s business has solely been concentrated on producing burr grinders, and in this time frame, they’ve become the worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing these machines. In fact, Mazzer produced nearly 35,000 grinders in 2004 alone. Their 54,000 square foot Venetian factory is an example in strict quality control, and the result is a product that is so well known for it’s precision and reliability that it’s become the coffee-grinding standard in more than 50 countries.

Compromise, Schmompromise
The introduction of 2005’s Mini P gave consumers a peek at the company that Mazzer really is. For years they’ve been producing grinders that shine in commercial as well as home settings, but the Mini P showed their dedication to producing a product directly geared at the consumer market. Customers were clamoring for a shorter grinder that would match their polished stainless steel espresso machines, and Mazzer was more than happy to deliver. To make the Mazzer P, they created a brand new bean hopper that shaved a full 2 inches off the P’s height (bringing it down to 16.5 inches) and added a polished finish to the base of the grinder. But they also kept what was great about the original Mazzer - like infinite grind settings, a solid die-cast aluminum housing, and the toughest burrs in the business. What made Mazzer unique in this process is that they weren’t willing to compromise their high standards to accommodate a specific price point as they made these changes. Sure, they may be a little more expensive than some of their competitors, but the old adage rings true: you get what you pay for. And when you pay for a Mazzer, you’re paying for the best.

What’s in a Mazzer?
What gives every Mazzer grinder this edge is a long list of features and high quality components that make for the most precise grind possible. The majority of these advantages are in direct relation to the grinding burrs used in each Mazzer grinder and include everything from the materials they’re made of to the way they’re adjusted. To build Mazzer burrs, not just any steel will do. Instead of the softer case hardened steel found in most other grinders, Mazzer constructs theirs from tempered ball bearing steel for the utmost in strength and longevity. In addition, their burrs are set perfectly parallel (there is a miniscule .03mm tolerance between the upper and lower burr plates) so you’re pretty much guaranteed a completely accurate, consistent grind every time. The burrs are attached to a powerful direct drive motor that operates at 1600 rpm to quickly and quietly grind your beans without generating any heat. And to top it all off, the burrs can be adjusted infinitely, so no matter the kind of coffee you’re using, the machine you’re brewing with, or the latest weather pattern that hit your area, there’s a grind to accommodate your needs.

Mazzer pairs these high-quality internal components with the same level of external durability and style. The housing of each Mazzer grinder is fashioned out of a single piece of heavy die cast aluminum, so the Mazzer stays put and produces minimal sound while grinding - not to mention looking great in both its original brushed luster, the Mini P’s new polished sheen, and the slick black or red finishes available on the original Mini. Mazzer even holds its dosers to high standards, constructing them of stainless steel and aluminum so they withstand day-to-day use like champs. And Mazzer caps each grinder with one of its renowned and extremely convenient hoppers, which, thanks to a well-designed trap door, can be removed when the hopper is full of beans. These hoppers are even available in two different sizes: short, which drops the Mazzer’s height to 16.5 inches, and regular, which accommodates up to 19oz. of beans at a time.

But Wait, There’s More
The features you just read about are just the common threads between each Mazzer grinder. The original Mini and the Mini P are manually dosing grinders with simple on/off switches to start and stop the grinding process. But Mazzer also offers the Mini Electronic and Electronic Type B which feature programmable dosing - when you press a grinding button, the grinder will automatically grind and dose the specified amount. As mentioned above, you even have some control over the aesthetics of a Mazzer. The original Mini is available in 3 different colors (brushed aluminum, black, and red) and the new Mini P features a polished aluminum housing and a shorter bean hopper, giving it a distinct new look. The short bean hopper is also available by itself and fits all of the other Mazzer models, so you can mix-n-match at your leisure.

The Moral of This Story
Mazzer has worked long and hard to gain the reputation that it has, but it’s obviously one that’s well merited. The quality and consistency of their product makes it evident that Mazzer only designs and manufactures grinders and also displays the level of their dedication to produce the best of the best. No, you don’t have to get a Mazzer to get great espresso, but the luxury, quality, and consistency of their grinders bring truth to the statement that once you go Mazzer, you’ll never go back.

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