Mazzer Mini Electronic

The introduction of the Mazzer Mini Electronic has been a highly anticipated addition to the espresso world. Consumer reviews of the original Mini have been overwhelmingly positive, and most have agreed that it outperforms many of its competitors. As one of our customers said, “If you can appreciate the value of a European car even though an American car is perfectly adequate to get you from point A to point B, you will like the luxury of this grinder.” The idea that it could be improved upon was one that both the professional barista and the home user would need to see before they’d believe.

If you have searched high and low for the ultimate grinder that will aid you in the quest for espresso utopia, look no further. The Mazzer Mini Electronic is the blue ribbon winner. Mazzer incorporates its high quality standard features in this machine as well as introducing the revolutionary electronic dosing. This feature affords the consumer the ability to program the desired volume of freshly ground espresso and, at the touch of a button, automatically dispense it into your portafilter. Simply press the control pad once and you’ll have perfectly ground espresso.

The electronic dosing allows almost infinite control. With three options, the electronic touch pad is the most uncomplicated and accurate way to get precisely ground coffee with no waste. Simply press the appropriate button, single or double dose, and the Mazzer Electronic will dispense between 4 and 24 grams of commercial quality espresso. In addition, the manual override option enables you to grind as much or as little as you need by simply holding down the button. This revolutionary feature eliminates many of the issues that dosing grinders have suffered from for so long. No longer will old grounds sit in the doser altering the precious flavor of your espresso.

This machine also offers unlimited control over the dosage volume. Fine-tuning the volume is simple with two flathead screws that can be adjusted with almost no limitation. These adjustment screws allow you to control the quantity of ground coffee that is dispensed for the perfect amount every time with no waste. The Electronic also features an extended holder where you can rest the entire portafilter under the dispenser during grinding and can also be used to stabilize the portafilter while tamping. Grinding directly into the portafilter eliminates excess grounds saving you time, money and a great deal of frustration!

These features coupled with many standard features that Mazzer implements on its machines make this grinder, in my opinion, the best that money can buy. The standard aluminum frame and housing, and hardened Swedish steel flat plate burrs have put Mazzer on the map. Big jobs are a breeze with the heavy-duty 250 watt motor and direct drive system. The Mazzer Electronic will never bog down and quickly completes any job with 64 mm burrs rotating at 1600 RPM. The 19 oz. removable bean hopper with a chute block closes off the bottom of the hopper enabling you to remove a hopper full of beans with no mess. The step-less grind adjustment collar is easy to operate and allows unlimited freedom in the grind setting, effortlessly moving from an espresso grind to drip.

This machine is a breakthrough in the prosumer industry. The consistency and reliability of the Mazzer name coupled with the revolutionary electronic dispensing make this one of the best machines on the market. If you are in search of a grinder that combines power and ease, look no further. You will not be disappointed.

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