The North Pole is Officially Open

Blech. Yet another tie. A cheese log. A lame bottle of wine. We’ve all been there. The typical fall back gifts when we’ve run out of ideas. Well good news. Our Holiday Gift Center is up and running to help you with great gift ideas for any coffee lover on your list. (And maybe pick up a little something, something for yourself.) In fact it’s a veritable coffee wonderland…

How Do You Tackle Your List?

Do you shop by budget? Look for something distinctly different? Match presents to personalities? Well, no matter which way you like to shop, we’ve got it covered. Go to our gift center and choose a way of shopping to suit.

Put Together

If you’re looking for a gift based on a particular personality, style or need, head into the Gift Packages section, where you’ll find great coffee-themed gift ideas.

Got some folks on your list who are into decorating? Check out some of our accenting gift sets, like Steeling Home which is all about stainless style. Or A Space Age Odyssey which is sure to send anyone’s espresso experience into orbit.

From a college student to someone who’s too cool for school, we’ve got that spectrum covered too. The Study Buddy gift set is a perfect and extremely welcome addition to any dorm room. While the aspiring barista will appreciate the Latte Art Beginner’s Pack.

For the folks expanding the place coffee fills in their hearts and their homes, we have a couple of ideas like the Brewer’s Assistant Gift Set or the Coffee Bar Gift Set.

We’ve also put a few ideas together for everything from romancing to taking a stand to heading out on the highway.

So swing by and have a look around. If these sets don’t hit it right on the head for you, why we’ll eat our used coffee grinds. And they just may spark some other great ideas.

The Price is Right

If you’ve got a figure in mind, take a spin through our Gifting by Budget, which categorizes ideas by price range. We’ve got ideas that will fit into everyone’s budget - from a fun and funky tamper for under $50, to a great set of limited edition designer cups for just over $100, to a super automatic machine that does everything for you short of washing your glassware like the Jura Capresso S9 Avantgarde, which you’ll find in our over $500 category.

How Very Interesting

For that one gift that’s a bit, well different, the Unique Boutique is where you’ll find some great ideas you might not have thought of. Like the vibrant and vivacious Francis! Francis! X5. Or, for a unique coffee flavor, try the Bodum Eileen Coffee Press. Coffee presses produce rich, syrupy heavy coffee due to the fact that you steep the coffee like you would with tea. It’s just a different way to enjoy coffee that a true coffee connoisseur might enjoy trying. Or, for a unique idea for the collector on your list, there’s Illy’s wonderfully whimsical, boldly designed limited edition Koons cup set, numbered and signed by famed artist Jeff Koons himself.

Sip into Something Thoughtful

On top of that, you’ll find ideas you can ingest in the Coffee Aisle. We’ve put together a lot of premium coffee samplers that make great gifts for anyone who appreciates a good cup of joe.

And in the "Knock Your Socks Off" Category

And, of course, there are always machines. As trendy as espresso machines are right now, you can’t miss with this one. Check out Dynamic Duos - our full selection of semi-auto/grinder combos - for a gift that would make any budding or seasoned barista on your list giddy with delight.

Let’s Wrap this Up

So why deal with the hassle of the mall this year, when you can shop right from home at Whole Latte Love. And we’ve even got a gift wrapping service so that’s one less thing for you to deal with. Put it all together and you’ve saved all kinds of time and aggravation, while making those special coffee lovers on your list mighty happy.

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