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Organic, Green and Delicious

Posted: 05/20/08

Organic Green and Delicious products
People say we're passionate about coffee, but we're passionate about a lot of things here at Whole Latte Love™ which is why we are so excited to announce the launch of our Organic, Green and Delicious™ program! This program embraces what we all hope to achieve – doing business in a way that respects the planet. The Organic, Green and Delicious™ program highlights our commitment to sustainable products and the business practices that we choose to follow.

When it was time to search out products that honor those three words – Organic, Green and Delicious™ we decided to take things into our own hands. Lead by example right? We set out to source the best coffee, syrups, cups, food containers, utensils and packaging on the market, and are proud to introduce to you, and your customers, a full line of Fair Trade, Organic, and Biodegradable products – aptly named Organic, Green and Delicious.™

The Organic, Green and Delicious™ program is the best solution out there for you and your company if you're seeking to provide an eco-friendly path from bean to cup.

Organic, Green and Delicious™


Roasted to perfection, Whole Latte Love's Signature Coffees feature 100% Arabica beans from some of the most sought-after locations around the globe. We use only the finest beans, from the best growing regions, and then micro-batch roast them to bring out the subtle nuances of each and every bean. We offer Fair Trade and organic coffees that are packaged in one of the first biodegradable bags in the industry, making your total coffee experience a green one. And with five different blends, and 19 different single origin varietals to choose from, there's something to please everyone's tastes.
Whole Latte Love Fair Trade organic coffee in biodegradable bag

Why Organic? Because it's undeniably delicious! You see, it takes a lot to meet our standards. First we select coffee from farmers that didn't use any synthetic pesticides. To be certified organic, they must adhere to strict guidelines from the USDA. Then they're taken to our roasting facility where they're micro-batch roasted to perfection.

Why Green? Because it's better for the environment. Our biodegradable bags will completely decompose in less than five years, compared to other plastic coffee bags, which take more than 1,000 years to break down. It'll make a difference for our kids, and our kid's kids, and their kids. The biodegradable bags are made of a 3-ply construction – the main thing to know is that the layers are polyprophiline laminated with polyethylene. The polyprophiline is "metalized" which means there's actually metal in it, like a coat of paint. Applied several microns thick, this provides a light barrier for your coffee. Without the metallization, light would get through the bags and the beans would degrade. Once the bag is exposed to elements in a landfill the metal oxidizes, starting the biodegration process. The second ingredient, polyethylene is a traditional plastic. However, when our organic components are added – viola, the molecular structure of the plastic is changed, rendering it able to biodegrade!

Why Delicious? Do you think we'd sell anything that wasn't delicious? Because our beans are the best hand selected beans of the crop and roasted in small batches, we guarantee the freshness and integrity of each and every bean. Not only that, because the environment they are grown in is free of harmful pesticides and GMO's, they just taste better.


Real ingredients just taste better. It's nice to know you're not fooling your taste buds with chemicals that don't even resemble the original ingredient. Our Organic, Green and Delicious™ syrups are kettle cooked in small batches the old fashioned way – all the better to bring out natures finest flavors from our hand selected Fair Trade and organic ingredients. These great-tasting, restaurant quality flavorings already have a strong following with chefs and universities. Whole Latte Love™ is proud to offer you a variety of flavors, as well as a line of Fair Trade organic chocolate sauces. Whole Latte Love Fair Trade organic syrups

Why Organic? Because if you can't read or pronounce it, it's probably not good for you. Didn't your mother teach you that? And just because products say they're all natural, doesn't necessarily mean they're organic. A lot of all-natural products on the market use something called propylene glycol, a tasteless, odorless, compound used to thicken things. Guess what, we don't use that. Our organic syrups to do not contain any artificial products or preservatives, period.

Why Green? Well a few things. When we began searching for the best sugarcane we learned a few things. That is, sugarcane is harvested in a variety of ways, some good, some bad. We learned the difference between 'green-cut' and a term you've heard before, 'slash and burn'. And since we wanted use only Fair Trade certified sugar, we began looking for sugarcane that was 'green-cut.' You see, 'green-cut' sugarcane benefits the next harvest, leaving the tops and leaves of the can in the field to return nutrients to the soil and provide natural ground cover, unlike the 'slash and burn' method, which creates an unsafe environment for farmers as well as an enormous amount of smoke pollution.

Why Delicious? Come on now, how many times have you bought vanilla flavored coffee or ice cream just to find out there's no real vanilla in it? Beyond an enhanced flavor, our organic syrups offer more nutritional value than others that are full of processed sugars and syrups. They're GMO free, 100% Organic, and made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients as well. Like I said before, real ingredients just taste better.

Tater Ware

Whole Latte Love™ offers a complete line of Tater Ware including hot and cold beverage cups and lids, plates,Tater Wareutensils and take-out containers. We are proud to offer the first biodegradable hot beverage cup lid in the industry!

If you didn't figure it out yet, Tater Ware comes from potatoes. That's right potatoes. But not just any potatoes, potatoes that are GMO free – so you won't be accidentally ingesting any chemicals. And Tater Ware, unlike paper products made from virgin wood fiber, is made from an annual renewable resource.

Because Tater Ware doesn't contain chemicals and is safe to reheat, you'll never have to worry about what molecular structure you just created by throwing your leftovers into the microwave. Tater Ware was designed to completely biodegrade in 60 to 90 days – so depending on which environment it finds itself in, landfill, home compost pile or even the ocean, it won't last long. Whether it's our cups, cup lids, or one, two, or three compartment clam shells, deli trays, plates, fork, spoon or knives, you can be sure that Tater Ware will return to the environment.

PLA Corn Based Containers, Cups and Lids

The future of an Earth free of plastic litter is here! Our PLA (Polylactic Acid) containers, cups and lids mimic all the aspects of conventional plastics, without harming the environment.

Using 30-50% less fossil fuel than conventional, petroleum-based products, our corn-based containers provide a great alternative to take-out cups and lids. They're compostable, and break down easily into carbon and water. The corn-based product degrades into lactic acid and smaller pieces with the help of microorganisms, taking about 40 to 60 days to biodegrade under ideal conditions. Unlike Styrofoam and plastic, which do not biodegrade and persist in the environment, our corn based containers, cups and lids provide a sensible alternative at a competitive price. We carry a full line of soufflé cups, clear cups, clear bowls, clear lids, domed lids and even straws.

But our Organic, Green and Delicious™ line isn't limited to just the products mentioned here. Give us a call at 1.888.411.5282 to learn more about our line of Organic, Green and Delicious™ products, or visit our website where you'll also find in-depth details on all our socially responsible and green products. We're ready to deliver exceptional products to you and provide you with a customized strategy to support all of your needs.