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Attaching a Pannarello Wand

Posted: 08/20/03

The Pannarello frothing sleeve is one the most widely used frothing attachments It is designed to make milk frothing easy and quick It does a great job but one of the most frequent complaints that I get is that the frothing sleeve won’t stay on the steam wand It can get blown off the wand into the milk pitcher or it may even leak a little around the top of it There are a couple of small parts that can get lost during the cleaning process and cause this problem.

There are 6 parts that make up the frothing attachment The metal wand on the machine that this frothing attachment slides on to is called the steam wand.

(pictures below are not to scale)


Hard Plastic Gasket Soft Rubber Gasket Frothing want & Rubber O-ring Frothing Sleeve
   1 Nut 2 Hard
Plastic Gasket
3 Soft Rubber Gasket 4 Frothing Wand & 5 Rubber O-ring 6 Frothing Sleeve

When installing the frothing attachment on your steam wand please follow this procedure:

1. Slide the Nut (1) up onto the steam wand with the threads facing down.
Nut - top viewTop View
Note:Soft/ Rounded Edge
2. Slide the Hard Plastic Gasket (2) up with the open-end facing down.


Nut - Bottom viewBottom View
Note:Straight/ Hard Edge

NOTE: This is the most confusing and most important part of the process. Make sure that part (2) is put on correctly. Make sure that the open end is down.

3. Slide the Soft Rubber Gasket (3) up onto the steam wand If your wand has a serrated area position it on the serrated area for a good grip.

4. Slide the Frothing Wand (4) onto the steam wand until it stops or meets the Soft Rubber Gasket (3)

5. Tighten the nut (1) down firmly onto the Frothing Wand (4) You will have to hold the Frothing Wand (4) firmly as you are tightening the nut (1).

6. Slide the Frothing Sleeve (6) onto the Frothing Wand (4) all the way up until it stops. In further tech tips we will discuss different frothing techniques that you can use to get the most out of the Panarello frothing attachment We will also have tech tips on what to do if your wand does not froth like it used to. Thanks for being our customer and happy frothing.

Tech guy.