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Paradise Coffee Roasters

Posted: 09/20/11

Paradise Coffee RoastersIf you’ve never heard of Paradise Coffee Roasters, you are missing out on one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. Named Food & Wine magazine’s top 10 boutique coffee roasters in the US and cited in National Geographic’s “10 Best of Everything” book as one of the world’s premier roasters, Paradise Coffee is a micro-roaster with a big reputation. The company has also earned more 94-point ratings from Kenneth David’s Coffee Review than any other coffee roaster.

Paradise is one of the few roasters in the country to pay a premium for sustainable, organic coffee sourced directly from farmers who share its commitment. All of its whole bean coffees are roasted in micro-batches of no more than 21 pounds for optimal freshness and quality. Not only are the coffee and espresso superb, they are also plentiful. We currently have over 15 Paradise single-origin whole bean and blends available—each one a treat in its own right. You’ll find premium coffees from Hawaii, Africa, the Pacific and Americas at your disposal. So, go ahead, delve into coffee paradise…

Drip Coffee
If you’re a drip coffee drinker, you’re in luck. We currently offer nine whole-bean dip coffees, from Paradise Coffee Roasters. The highest-rated of which are Sumatra Danau Toba and Romance by Paradise—both earning 94 out of 100 points from the Kenneth Davids Coffee Review. Romance is an Ethiopian-Sumatran blend that has a light roast and slightly earthy nuances with soft aromas of chocolate and honey. Sumatra Danau Toba features a medium-roast with an exotic herbal, fruity flavor profile. Another noteworthy drip coffee is the single-origin Costa Rica La Minita Estate whole bean. Cultivated on one of the world’s most prestigious farms, this coffee is well balanced, complex and sweet—with notes of chocolate and citrus. It is a showstopper that is sure to impress coffee connoisseurs. For a dark-roast coffee, try Sumatra La Minita Aceh Gold, a lively whole bean with sweet notes of honey and pineapple. Kona coffee fans shouldn’t miss the Kona Blend from Paradise Coffee Roasters. It is an imaginative collection of Hawaiian Kona, Sumatran and Ethiopian whole bean that delivers rich notes of vanilla, cherry, maple and herbs. These are but a few of the premium drip coffees available from Paradise Coffee Roasters, visit our site for the complete lineup!

Espresso Coffee
We currently have five whole bean espressos from Paradise Coffee Roasters. The highest-rated of which is Espresso Nuevo, a dark-roast Colombian, Brazilian and Sumatran blend that earned 95 points from the Kenneth Davids Coffee Review. Indeed a well-executed espresso, Nuevo is full-bodied, with mild acidity; it features complex notes of spices, vanilla, lemon as well as cherry with a deep finish. Another intriguing blend is Espresso Classico. Featuring Ethiopian, Brazilian, Indian and Central American coffees, Classico has strong fruity flavors accentuated by flowery notes and a chocolaty finish.

If you’re looking for a really distinctive espresso, consider the Brazil Pocos De Caldas, a single-origin coffee harvested from three farms scattered around a volcanic crater. This medium-roast whole bean espresso has a simple palate with hints of orange and cherry. For a bold beverage, try Espresso Havana, a dark-roast blend of Guatemalan, Ethiopian and Sumatran coffees. This smoky blend presents intense flavors of tobacco, white pepper, chocolate, vanilla and cherry with slight citrus and floral notes.

Still can’t decide? Grab the Paradise Roasters Espresso Trio and give the Havana, Classico as well as Nuevo a taste test. All of Paradise’s coffees and espressos are reasonably priced, starting at $12.95 for a 12oz bag, so you can give this micro-roaster a try without breaking the bank!