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Pod Filter Basket Replacement

Posted: 08/20/03
I must say I am very pleasantly surprised at my latest discovery. It all started with a concerned phone call from the head chef at an exclusive beach club in New Jersey. The problem was that a past (and not so friendly) employee vanished with his prized pod filter basket that worked so well in his WEGA Mininova espresso machine. He has a wine tasting event coming up this weekend and realized, that as always, us coffee lovers are going to infiltrate his event. Being the professional that he is, satisfying everyone is a major concern of his. Without his pod filter basket the difficulty level of keeping customers happy increased dramatically. I immediately swung into action and tested every filter basket that could possibly work.

After about twenty minutes a big smile came over my face as I realized I had hit the jackpot. I couldn’t believe it. I had one in my workshop the whole time and did not even know it. Not only did it work with the WEGA, but it also worked great with Rancilio, Gaggia, ECM and Pasquini machines!

The reason this basket works so well is because the basket presses the pod up against the shower screen hard enough to force the pod into to bottom of the filter basket in such a way that all the water goes through the pod, not around it. This basket was tested with the ESE standard Illy and Lavazza pods. We are now offering this basket for pods for $12.00 including shipping. Just give us a call.