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Stirrings I: The ongoing saga of Rocky & Silvia.

Posted: 01/24/05

Silvia sat languishing at the counter. A stunning woman, she was fiercely independent and extremely successful. She sipped slowly on her cappuccino, gazing absentmindedly at her law briefs that were spread out on the counter before her. Deep in her own thoughts, she never noticed the handsome stranger who had entered the café.

His 6’4" frame was topped with wildly wavy hair that surrounded his Roman features in a hazy chestnut halo. At present, his fingers were throbbing from this afternoon’s guitar practice, but as he entered the café, all his pain melted away. Her long lines and petite features stopped him dead in his tracks and all he could do was stare.

Rocky and Silvia "Hey, Rocky!" The barista’s greeting broke him from his gaze. "You want your regular?"

With a nod and a wink to barista, he sidled up to the woman in the deep purple power suit. Suavely throwing a muscular leg over the stool, he began to spin around to face her. But alas, his Birkenstock caught on the edge of the stool and he ended up falling face first onto the floor at her feet.

Barely turning from the counter, she smirked, "Well, you certainly know how to make a first impression." And with that, she began to gather her briefs.

"As do you," he said as he started to pick himself up off of the floor. The smirk remained on her face as she watched him struggle, but as she opened her mouth to speak she was interrupted by a crude representation of Cream’s "Strange Brew." Reaching into her bag, she produced a cell phone.

"This is Silvia." She paused. "Mmmhm. Mmmhm. No problem. Okay. See you then." She hung up her phone and finished gathering her things.

"Scone’s a really good look for you," she shot as she turned to leave.

Rocky looked down at his tattered t-shirt to find it decorated with pieces of cranberry and cookie.

RockyEmbarrassment turned to sudden anger as she stepped over him to head for the door, and he grabbed her finely turned ankle, sending her sprawling to the floor in a rather unflattering manner.

"What are you? Five?" she shot at him in shock, as she crawled unceremoniously to her briefcase. In the commotion it had opened, its contents spilling across the café floor.

As fast as his anger arose it dissipated, and Rocky started to chuckle. It turned to a hearty laugh as he jumped up and put out a hand to help her to her feet.

"Not likely," she snarled, as she gathered her papers back into her briefcase.

"At least let me give you a hand," he chuckled as he bent down to pick up a file.

"I’ve got it," she snapped as she grabbed the file out of his hand. But not before he read the label.

"Hey, now isn’t this interesting."Silvia

"Lay off, Rico Suave," she said as she jammed the file into her briefcase. "I highly doubt that my work would be comprehensible to you, let alone interesting. Now, if you’ll excuse me."

As she passed by, she purposely bumped into him, taking full advantage of his distraction. He grabbed the coffee bar for stability and watched her exit, hearing a noise coming from under the bar. Bending down to take a look, he smiled. He grabbed the culprit and turned to the barista.

"Jordan, I’m going to need that latte to go."