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When Robots Make Coffee....

Posted: 07/22/09

I think super automatics are pretty snazzy; they can grind, brew, and froth assorted drinks with just the push of a button. But, apparently, a Japanese inventor by the name of Mujaki saw room for improvements, of sorts. Enter Hina, Robo-Barista! Standing 36 cm tall, the cartoonish robot is capable of manually grinding coffee beans and placing them in a coffee filter. She can also add water to make drip coffee, as well as pour the contents into a cup.

The manga bot isn’t just turning heads in the coffee and tech communities; she has actually become a bona-fide youtube superstar, garnering over 100,000 views within the first 24 hours of being uploaded to the site. While Hina is no competition for real, live human baristas, she certainly does hint at an increasingly automated coffee-making experience.