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Nespresso Romeo E350: Espresso's Final Frontier

Posted: 06/20/07

Nespresso Romeo E350Espresso lovers know that the perfect shot is a careful balance of superb coffee and an even extraction. That’s why Nespresso has introduced their line of capsule machines to pioneer a new age of espresso. Now you can get a great tasting shot, topped with thick, velvety crema every time you brew. And, if that guarantee doesn’t make you want one, the convenient capsule system definitely will. Nespresso machines use specially designed, single serving capsules to give you a hassle-free cup of coffee without the mess. No matter how experienced you are at making espresso, Nespresso’s stylish, compact capsule machines are the simplest way to get gourmet, flavorful espresso in moments.

Topping the list of Nespresso’s new line is the Romeo E350, which comes complete with a motorized capsule tray and an automatic frothing system. Good things come in small packages, and the Romeo is no exception with a full range of features in a shockingly compact body. It stands just over 1 foot tall while still managing an impressively large 1.2-liter water reservoir and a large capacity internal dump box. Inside this mini-machine is a fast-heating Thermoblock heating element and a powerful 19 bar pump, and on the outside you’ll find a sleek digital display, active cup warmer and built-in auto frother. Every part of the design has been carefully crafted to take up minimal counter space while offering unmatched style and a surplus of features.

At first glance: "Here he is. The man from the moon."

Getting started with the Romeo is not nearly as worrisome as it might be with other machines, because there’s no bean hopper to fill and no grinder to set up. The Romeo is ready to brew right out of the box. It comes with 12 Nespresso capsules and a set of cups so all you need to do is plug it in and fill the water Motorized Capsule Ledgetank. Once you turn on the power, the Romeo heats up to brew temperature in moments, and it automatically runs a splash of hot water through the spout to get ready to brew. Thanks to the fast-acting heat up cycle, your first cup of coffee will be hot and fresh, even if the machine has been off for an extended period of time.

The Nespresso Romeo E350 is quite possibly the most convenient espresso machine on the market. Nespresso’s revolutionary capsule system is made even easier by the Romeo’s motorized capsule ledge, which automatically inserts the capsule into the machine for you. Since Nespresso capsules come pre-packed and ready to brew, all you have to do is place one on the motorized ledge and press either the large or small brew button. Don’t forget to place your cup under the brew spout though—there still isn’t a machine out there that’ll do that for you!

Display and Programming:
"Traveling through hyperspace isn’t like dusting crops, boy!"

You really can’t go wrong when you make a cup of coffee with the Romeo E350. The machine has short (single) and lungo (double) brew buttons that can each be customized to suit your tastes. Just press and hold the button you want to program as you brew, and release it when you reach your preferred amount of coffee. The control panel on the Romeo adds to the machine’s modern flair, with iridescent backlighting that gives the buttons and digital display a changing look at different angles.
Easy-to-Read Digital Display
The bright, easy-to-read digital display complements the straightforward controls, so programming is trouble-free too. The button on the far right of the control panel is the steam/programming button. To enter the programming menu, just hold the button down until the digital display reads “Language.” Here you can choose from 11 different languages for the display, using the short and lungo coffee buttons to scroll up and down. Pressing the programming button again will scroll through the remaining customizable features: setting the water hardness, power saving mode, cup warmer and descaling alerts. When you change a setting on the Romeo E350, press the power button on the left side of the control panel to save your settings.

Frothing and Steaming: "Ludicrous speed, go!"

The Nespresso Romeo is more than just a 1-touch espresso brewer. It is also designed to deliver café quality lattes and cappuccinos with the same amount of ease as the capsule brewing system. The Romeo is equipped with an automatic frother to create great foamed and steamed milk for your favorite drinks. The Romeo’s frothing system offers a high level of customization, with a selector knob to let you decide the milk consistency. Move the dial all the way to the left to froth milk for a cappuccino to 130oF, or turn it a little further to the right for more foam (about 165oF). Turn the dial further to the right to get piping hot, steamed milk for a caffe latte and all the way to the right to steam the milk a little less hot. To make your drink, insert the milk hose into a container of cold milk and press the steam icon on the right side of the control panel. The Romeo heats up to steam temperature in just 30 seconds and the power button will blink as it heats. When it’s ready, the power button will stay lit and you can then turn the steam knob on the right side of the machine to activate the automatic frother. In seconds, the Romeo will deliver creamy froth into your waiting cup.

The Thermoblock heating element is fast-acting, so you can heat right up to steam temperature in about 30 seconds, and the automatic frother has a selector knob to let you decide the milk consistency. Move the dial all the way to the left to froth milk for a cappuccino to 130oF, or turn it a little further to the right for more foam (about 165oF). Turn the dial further to the right to get piping hot, steamed milk for a caffe latte and all the Integrated Automatic Frotherway to the right to steam the milk a little less hot.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, the Nespresso Romeo comes with an attachable steam and hot water nozzle for hands-on frothing and steaming. The automatic frother easily twists off the machine and the nozzle can be attached in its place. You can use the nozzle to create cappuccinos and lattes yourself, and it also dispenses hot water for tea, hot chocolate, soups and more. If you want to brew right after you’ve prepared your milk, the Romeo’s Thermoblock heating element will automatically cool down to brew temperature in 30 seconds when you press a brew button.

Cleaning and Maintenance: "Live long and prosper. "

After you’re finished brewing with the Romeo, the machine will automatically deposit the used Nespresso capsule in the internal dump box. For a quick cup of espresso, that’s all there is to it. Of course, this is no surprise for a machine that has been developed to be the most convenient espresso machine yet. For regular espresso use, daily cleanup is reduced to following the digital display prompts when it’s time to empty the dump box and drip tray, and refill the removable 1.2-liter water reservoir on the back of the machine.

If you use the milk frothing system, you should be sure to clean the milk residue from the nozzle and hose after every use. To make cleaning easier, Nespresso has designed the auto frother to be virtually self-cleaning. When you’re done steaming, just replace your milk container with a cup of clean water, and then turn on the steam function to have the auto frother run hot steam through the hose and spout to remove leftover milk residue. Nespresso also recommends taking apart the auto frother about once a week, depending on how often you use it, to give it a more thorough cleaning in the sink.

If you choose to set the water hardness level in the programming menu, the Nespresso Romeo E350 will create a descaling schedule automatically. You can test your water hardness with the included test strips, or stick with the default “3” setting. After 2-3 months, depending on your water supply, the Romeo will prompt you to descale, and walk you through the entire process on the digital display. Descaling is an essential part of owning any espresso machine, eliminating mineral buildup and limescale in your brewing components that can affect the flavor of your coffee and clog your machine. The Romeo is easy to descale, and it uses special descaler that can be purchased from the Nespresso Club, like the coffee capsules.

"To infinity, and beyond!"

The Romeo E350 is an all-inclusive capsule machine, designed for brewing, frothing and hot water. It has the style and durability to match elegant kitchens, and is also a great addition at the workplace. If you want espresso, but you don’t want to bother with the measuring and mess, Nespresso capsule machines are the answer. Capsules can be purchased exclusively through Nespresso, and the cost of a trouble-free, great tasting cup of coffee is worth it. They come in 12 different varieties and are priced at $0.49 each. Some machines even include a selection of capsules with purchase, presented in an elegant gift box. Nespresso Capsule Machines are designed for convenience, with high-grade brewing components and easy-to-use controls, and thanks to exclusive pre-packed capsules, you can be sure you’ll get a hot, rich espresso every time you brew. Check out the entire line and find the one that’s right for you!

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