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SCAA and Millrock Update

Posted: 01/20/08

Latte art

In less than a month, coffee enthusiasts and well-trained baristas from around the world will converge in our nation's Capital to test their skills at the 6th Annual Millrock Latte Art Competition, sponsored by Barista Magazine.

Hundreds of skilled baristas, plus winners from last year's competition in Las Vegas will give their latte art skills a whirl between February 15 and 17 in Washington. The baristas will be judged on the taste and presentation of their work, as well as their techniques. There will be several preliminary rounds to determine the top ten competitors, who will then face off during the Free Pour Latte Art Championship.

"Millrock itself is getting to be more and more prestigious," Chris Deferio said regarding the well-known competition. "It's gaining in notoriety and is becoming a norm in the lexicon of the coffee professional." Deferio, the 2004 winner of Millrock, said that latte art is spreading like wildfire. It's steadily emerging as the ultimate ending to a perfectly prepared espresso drink.

"Latte art is like the professional ethos of a barista," he said. "Like a handshake after the deal is made." Deferio explained that latte art is really a guarantee made by the barista that the drink is great - in every way.

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The Specialty Coffee Association of America will also be hosting their 20th Annual Conference and Exhibition in May at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Thousands of enthusiasts and professionals, from 40 countries will be contributing to the hands-on three-day event. According to SCAA Executive Director Ric Rhinehart, the event will educate attendees on the birthplace of coffee - Ethiopia. Special forums will be held to discuss how Ethiopian producers and international distributors will meet the increasing challenges while improving and maintaining quality.

If you're looking for more information about attending the conference in Minneapolis, visit the SCAA website at .You can also read more about Ethiopian coffee and find out why coffee like Ethiopian Harrar is gaining in popularity right here in the Whole Latte Love™ Articles page.