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Miss Silvia's Makeover

Posted: 05/27/09

Rancilio SilviaSince her release in the late 1990s, Miss Silvia has been catering to the needs of espresso lovers worldwide. While some people turn to surgeons and scalpels to maintain their looks, our beloved lady has chosen to enlist the aid of the engineers and designers at Rancilio in her quest for perfection.Their efforts have resulted in a number of upgrades sure to delight true Silvia enthusiasts!

Taking cues from the needs and wants of loyal customers, the redesigned Silvia now comes standard with a double-sprouted commercial portafilter—a popular feature previously only available as an add-on. New Silvia Steam WandA bigger, articulating steam wand, capable of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal movements allows for greater range of motion—making life much easier when you're working with a taller cup or frothing pitcher.

Those of us, who tend to be klutzes or simply sleep deprived during the early morning hours, will be happy to find a larger protective grip on Miss Silvia's steam wand as a part of her makeover.This may seem like a minor detail, but believe me your fingers will thank you, big time, for keeping them protected from a hot steam wand.

New Silvia PortafilterIf you're keeping track, between the upgraded portafilter and commercial-grade steam wand, you're getting more than $70 worth of parts (previously sold separately) for free with the new Silvia!Let's not forget, the Silvia line now comes with user-friendly steam knobs and portafilter handles.

But, Miss Silvia hasn't let the new upgrades go to her head; her controls and interface are still as easy-to-use as ever. Espresso fans can rest assured, the Silvia elegance and Rancilio reliability they have come to know and love hasn't changed one bit.


 Historical PhotoBirth Of A Legend

Robert Rancilio founded his company in 1927 with a keen focus on quality and technological advancements, values which are still reflected in the Rancilio family of products, including the Silvia. More than 75 years after its inception, the Rancilio family remains involved with company, with Robert's grandchildren: Luca, Roberto, Giorgio, and Silvia at the helm.


It is Silvia, Roberto Rancilio's grand daughter, who is the inspiration behind the semi-automatic's name. While Miss Silvia, the espresso machine, was named to honor her human counterpart, her iconic looks were definitely designed for the changing times.

In the late 90s, polished stainless steel became a popular look for household appliances due to its durability and clean aesthetics, Photo courtesy of Ranciliothe Rancilio Silvia was given a stainless steel body to meet the demands of her customers.Her frequent companion, the Rancilio Rocky grinder was also updated to include stainless steel accents to match.

Throughout the years the Silvia, like the Rancilio family, has remained loyal to traditions, while ushering in changes that keep her up-to-date with the latest technological innovations. Such is the case, with the redesigned Silvia; and Rancilio fans are sure to take notice.

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